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B is for: Bible

B is indeed for Bible

The Bible is a wonderful book, filled with the best stories, poems and songs of praise. Inspired by many people, it is a gathering of books of how God, through the Holy Spirit revealed himself to the people at each moment of time. The greatest of books, split into the two great sections because of one main person who came to earth, Longed by many, that came to save the world. (By the way, He dies)

In the Bible we learn about some of our Faiths Greatest peoples: The patriarchs of the Faith: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel.) Moses, Samson, King David, Elijah, Isaiah, Jesus, Paul, Peter and So much more. The Bible is a collection of the experiences between these people and their faith with and in God.

Throughout the time of the Bible, God kept his covenant. God kept His side of the promise to all people. God was the ultimate ruler, the Great King. Their are several people he kept the covenant on with. Here are the major ones:

Symbol of Covenant
Adam and Eve
Seventh Day (Sabbath)
One Holy Couple
One Holy Family
One Holy Tribe
Ten Commandments
One Holy Nation
King David
The Temple
One Holy Kingdom
One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

Throughout history God, makes these covenants to build up his relationship with us. To get us to belong into his almighty Kingdom. With Christ His almighty son to leave us with the last of signs,doesn't mean Gods covenant is done. We are the next in line with the covenant. We are the ones to proclaim and share the Good news. Through the power of the bible; The words of Christ.


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  1. Following from the A to Z Challenge. You've picked a big theme .. but I think that will work out. You'll never run out of good things to write about God!

    1. God is just SO WONDERFUL! I wanted to focus on that this year :)

  2. My hubby's 'B' was Bible too :)

  3. Great post! I agree with LuAnn, you won't run out of messages about our wonderful God!

    1. Yeah! I always liked to think of it has, God is to big to fit in one religion!


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