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Many of you may be wondering where is my Y and Z post. No, I didn't forget,  and no I didn't put it somewhere else on this blog to keep you guessing... I caught an illness on Friday night, and still have it :( Not has bad today though as it was on the weekend. I promise I will have the Y AND Z posts posted later today!

Thank You for understanding


X is for Xavier,Saint

FRANCIS XAVIER, ST. (1506-1552). Born in the family castle of Xavier, near Pamplona in the Basque area of Spanish Navarre on Apr. 7, he was sent to the University of Paris1525, secured his licentiate in 1528, met Ignatius Loyola and became one of the seven who in 1534, at Montmartre founded the Society of Jesus.
 In 1536 he left Paris to join Ignatius in Venice, from whence they all in tended to go as missionaries to Palestine (a trip which never materialized), was ordained there in 1537, went to Rome in 1538, and in 1540, when the pope formally recognized the Society, was ordered, with Fr. Simon Rodriguez, to the Far East as the first Jesuit missionaries. King John III kept Fr. Simon in Lisbon, but Francis, after a year's voyage, six months of which were spent at Mozambique where he preached and gave aid to the sick eventually arrived in Goa, India in 1542 with Fr. Paul of Camerino an Italian, and Francis Mansihas, a Portuguese. 
There he began preaching to the natives and attempte…

W is for Wash

W is indeed for Wash

I'm not really sure why but I've always liked imagining the picture of soap and water running down and washing the dirt away. The dirt then is no where to be seen, and you are left with a nice, shinny new clean surface. 
I always liked comparing it to that of God. We are covered in dirt. We are all dirty. Dirt being sin, selfishness and evilness. But then God comes a long a cleans all this dirt. He adds some water and soap and makes the dirt disappear. 
God will wipe away all our sin, without leaving a spot of dirt. He will wipe it in and instance and forget them even quicker. He will wipe us clean... Cleaner than your soul has ever been. But God can't just do it. He needs you to realize the sins you have committed. He needs you to see the bad you have done and how you can fix it. 

I heard this quote the other day... and I didn't think much at first, but has the day went by, I thought much about it and there I was, thinking about it for the rest of …

V is for Visit

V is indeed for Visit

I love it when I have time to make for a nice visit to my Grandmas. It's in the sharing of time, that makes it so special. Being there with my Grandparents makes my day for sure! They are always smiling, and always ready to help us in anything we need.

Visiting is indeed a wonderful thing. Visiting with Family and Friends is always a warm delight in everyone's lives.

But how often do we visit God?

Yes, we visit him in the morning and at night but what at other times during the day?


He wants to know how we are doing. He wants to know how our day is going. He wants to know everything about us... But that only becomes possible when we pray to him. Not just at the beginning and End of everyday but also in between.

Today, take time to visit God

U is for Unity

U is indeed for Unity

Unity is one of my favorite words. I like saying it a lot and using it to explain things. I'm not sure if it's because it's fun to say, or because It is very often used in religion. Unity is what I personally wish for in the world. That we all may be one. That everything may be one. I could care less about where you come from, what color of skin you have, what your history is... Because at the end of the day, we are all humans. We all have a story, we all come from somewhere different in the world, but yet we are all humans... Why can't we get a long?

Can't we look beyond our differences and see the similarities in all of us?

 Can't we treat each other with the same amount of respect, no matter where you come from?

My prayer is still to be answered.

It's the same thing with religion. We all believe in God. We all believe that there is a God. Regardless if we think Jesus was the Messiah or not, we still all believe in God. Regardless if …

T is For Time

T is indeed for Time.

At least once in our lives we all used the expression "There isn't enough time in the day to get things done" Well you would be right! Cause it actually takes the earth 23 hours and 56 minutes to make a full rotation and not 24 hours. They say in about 50 years or so, it will take the earth 27 hours to make a full rotation.

Don't we all love it when everything we want happens when we want it to? Of course we do. Everything goes according to plan, and thats the dream for everyone that rarely happens. Everything happening when it should is just the most wonderful thing we can imagine of... isn't it?

God's timing is really weird isn't it? As weird as it may seem to us, it all works out perfectly at the end.  God answers our prayers. Well he knows our prayers before we speak them, but he answers them when he knows the time is right. It could be today, tomorrow, next month, or next year. Gods timing is always the best timing.

So then, why …

S is for Service

S is indeed for Service

Many people are at our service. Like the police, ambulance, firefighters... People who work at stores, the cable people, and basically anyone at any place that sells something is their ready to answer our questions, to make sure we are satisfied.

We to are called to serve. To serve one another. If it's to teach, write, proclaim, help those less fortunate. we are all called to serve one another... regardless of our title of job we are called to serve the poorest of the poor.

We are to be at the service of one another. We are called to humble our selves, take off the jacket of our pride and serve others. We are called to help one another in every shape or form that we most possibly can.

Everyone thought, that the Messiah would come and be a great king like David. They didn't expect a king that would serve. They wanted a king that would lead them to greatness... But the thing is... Jesus will bring them to greatness. Jesus came to serve and not to be serve…

R is for Rest

R is indeed for Rest

I like to rest for sure! Usually resting for me, is sitting in front of the TV eating ice cream while watching one of two things: EWTN or The Big Bang Theory. Thinking about nothing, not doing anything except eating ice cream and watching tv.

When we pray however, we also need to rest. We certainly need a rest in prayer. Not a rest from praying, but rest while we pray. Asking God, and Thanking him isn't enough! We also have to REST. We are often to caught up in asking God for something that we forget to rest in his loving arms.

God's arms are always open. His arms are there to comfort us, there to love us, they are there to love us, they are there to help us in everything we do. God is always wanting us to come to him and rest... Forgetting about everything else, and know that God will take care of it. Knowing that everything will be okay.

Rest in God! Rest in his almighty arms! He is there waiting with open hands! Waiting for us to rest, and to finally rea…

Q is for Quilt

Q is indeed for Quilt

A quilt is a nice collection of fabrics put together to either make a blanket, and or used for blinds , Over a window. A Quilt is like a mosaic. A collection of different colors, types and backgrounds. Some pieces of cloth may be polyester, or cotton, or silk. They all can be made woven or patched. Some may be made in USA or China. Other fabrics may be different colors, all differences making one beautiful quilt at the end.

We are like a quilt! All of us whom are believers in the Lord Jesus. We are one big quilt. We all come from different backgrounds, we are all different colored, made all differently from God to praise God. We all make on beautiful quilt, that can supply warmth, and shade. The warmth we supply is the warmth of Gods Love and we shade from the wicked ways of evil.

But sometimes, those pieces of fabric, get holes in them. They start falling apart; coming lose at the seem. Letting cold air in and letting sun through.

Thats when we lose faith, or we …

P is for Pray

P is indeed for Pray

A while back in November I taught a three 1 hour classes about prayer to my grade twos. They did enjoy those lessons...  I hope. And I of course, had fun teaching it, and planning it out. And the simplest way I put prayer was: Talking To God.

Every class from then on,  I would show the importance of what prayer is... I would review with them, to make sure they know what prayer is. It is simply that: Talking to God. It's like talking to our best friend. Saying everything we know, and sharing our problems, joys, and successes.
While teaching those classes I drew attention to how a conversation goes. Well, everyone knows that right? Wrong! When it comes to prayer, we forget everything about a conversation. We usually spend our prayer, asking God for things, and thanking him. But what about God? Doesn't he get a turn in the conversation? He wants his chance to respond to everything that we have said. 
Like a Best Friend.
Like an Encouraging Parent.

Have you ev…

Thursday Think About!

Prayer For Texas

Blessed Redeemer  Let your name be glorified.  You alone are our one and only God!
Blessed Redeemer,  send protection upon all of those in Waco Texas.  Please help those whom are trapped inside the fire. May they, and all whom are near there, be brought to safety. 
May they be protected from the  fires that harm them.  May you be with all  people affected by tragedies these past few days.
May you Help those in need!
Say One Hail Mary  One Our Father  and One Glory be  for protection for those in Texas and Boston. AMEN 

O is for Open

O is indeed for Open

An open door is much better than a closed one, that is for sure.

Jesus told us that if we knock the door will be opened for us. Jesus never closes the door on any of his adopted Children. At our baptism, while the water is poured onto our heads, or as the water touches our body, the door is opened for us.

Jesus loves us so much his door is always wide open for us. Whenever we need, during good times, or during bad times, Jesus is there holding the door open, and welcoming us to him. He is waiting for us, during any time to come into the door.

But what about the times when we shut the door on Jesus?

The Door to our Heart

Why is it so easy for us to close the door on Jesus, but so easy for him to have it open for us? We will often lose Faith, question if he is there, and wonder if he cares. Well Jesus does care. Jesus is always there. When we lose faith, that's when we shut the door on him. When we close him from our heart, we cannot be who we are. We need to ope…

N is For Names

N is indeed for Names

      I know, personally, as a teacher of grade twos, I SUCK AT REMEMBERING THERE NAMES! I can remember everyone's  name that I see day to day....(thats a given) but for the life of me,  I can't remember the names of the students in the class I teach. Well all except for the bad ones, and the one really quiet one. But beyond that, all there names are up in the sky.

God gave us our names.

      Before we were born, God had our name planned out. He has a reason for naming us the name we have. I will say for me, the word Michael means 'Who is Like God' No i'm not saying I am Like God, because certainly I don't even come close. But what I find cool is that I want to become a priest and I received this name... Interesting.

     God named us. Just like he named many people through out the bible. For instances Abram  turned into Abraham which means "Father of Nations" Which is exactly what God promised him. He promised him many descendan…

Pray For Boston

Father of all Greatness, You fill the earth with all things Things we like and Things we don't.
Father,  Please be with those in Boston.  Please send your comfort among those who lost a family member,  Healing on those who are hurt,  and Peace among all those gathered there today. 
Blessed Redeemer,  please be with the people of Boston, That, they may be there for one another And let peace reside in their presences.
Fountain of all Holiness,  Send our your Spirit of Safety  among the earth. So that all who think of doing bad things may turn from their ways, and may think of public safety. 
Lord Jesus, We ask that you hear our prayer, and  that you may be with the people  of Boston through this rough time!

M is for Mercy

M is indeed for Mercy

Today, we start the third week. I hope you have enjoyed these posts! I hope you continue to share, comment, Visit often and enjoy!

Today I will be doing my post as a prayer:

Blessed Holy Redeemer You are the source of all Mercy. You, O Lord, are wonderful! You have blessed me with  A Brand New Day, and a Wonderful Family!
Fountain of Mercy, Lord,  Let Your Name Be Praised For Ever!
Saving Christ,  Send out your almighty mercy upon, My Family, and all whom I interact with today. 

May your Mercy fill my family, So that,  we may sort out all conflicts  and focus on the path that you have set before us! 
Lord Jesus Have Mercy on Us For we Are Sinners!


L is for Life

L is indeed for Life

Isn't life a wonderful thing. Life is a wonderful gift given from heaven above. Life is amazing. The ability for us to be able to talk, share in Joy and sorrow, To live the happy and sad, to breath in and out it all a wonderful gift from God.

God gave us this wonderful thing to live. He gave us some ups and downs, cause without them we wouldn't be living.... (Get it?) God gave us these different challenges to face, to simply test our Faith and Trust in him. I have always liked the image of you walking down a tunnel. You started at one end, and working to the other, and on the way, there are things you have to get over to continue your path... 

God gave us the breath of life so that we might live. He breathed into our lungs life. He gave us this precious and most valuable thing called life. And in our life we are to grow. We are to grow in the Love, Faith and Trust of and in God. 

Though we may experience hardships on the way, God's fountain of Mercy ne…

K is for Keep

K is indeed for Keep.

Keep God that is. 
Isn't it easy to get caught up with everything you are doing in your day? Your minds distracted, Person after person come up to you asking a question. And you are on call duty for this or that. But Where does God fit into it?
We must keep God in all that we do.God, is our wonderful creator, who deserves all right and praise. But yet, so many things can block us, or distract our minds on whats truly important in our day's.... God. Without God, we wouldn't have this wonderful day. God is in everything. So we must find him. We must grasp him. We must grasp onto him like a mother hugging her children. We to must grasp on to God: To keep him close.
Like a child, not wanting to let go of it's favorite toy. So we must grasp onto God, and Keep God and Never Let Go. God never lets go of us, though he does realize we will let go of him. We need to hold on to God. 
We are called to give it 110% to hold onto God. He woke us up this morning…

J is for Jospeh

J is indeed for Joseph

The Joseph I will be talking about today is the Foster Father of Jesus. The GREAT Carpenter who on earth was (hopefully) there for Jesus. Yes, Joseph, the one whose death went unheard of... same has most of his life.
Everything known about Joseph is found in a few short stories in the bible. He is only in the beginning chapters of Matthew and Luke. He is also mentioned by the pharisees in the Gospel John. Even whats known about Joseph in Matthew and Luke sometimes contradicts it's self. So then the question comes... Does he really exists?  Now I want to make it clear, In this post I'm not going to be trying to solve if he existed or not. I will just be supply facts on this wonderful man, stating things about him, and asking questions along the way. 

Joseph appears in Matthew and Luke. Two totally different people. Matthew, an original follower, writing for Jewish-Christians and Luke a second Generation of Followers writing to Theophilus (God Lovers) Matthew…

I is for I.N.R.I

I is indeed for I.N.R.I

I am not sure if I'm breaking any rules with choosing a Latin phrase. The first word starts with I, that has to count right? Today, I hope to accomplish writing a post that you will find interesting about the Latin Phrase: " Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum"

Upon most crucifixes of Jesus Christ is the plaque, " I.N.R.I" Which we all know stands for, "Jesus Of Nazareth King Of The Jews" Pilate, who knew Jesus done no wrong, but to stop a riot from breaking out, had Jesus Crucified. And of course, he had this inscription put, most likely to have the last word, after being pushed around by the Jewish Leaders.

Now my question arises is, "Why?"

Why would Pilate put a sign on Jesus' Cross, and we aren't aware of the two others with him. But why Jesus. Well, it appears that it was common for the leader, (Pilate) to have inscriptions written and put on the cross. They usually had the persons name and what their crime was…

H is for Happiness

H is indeed for Happiness

Don't we all like to be happy?

Of course we do! Everyone would rather be happy than sad, joyful instead of sorrowful. I always like recalling happy moments when things are down, and thinking of the wonderful things God does for us each and everyday. God makes us happy by doing certain things daily in our lives... Do you notice them?

Jesus often LOVED ruining peoples moods.... Of sadness. Jesus liked making people happy. He acknowledges there pain, sorrowfulness but then he makes them happy. He wants to prove that if they believed they will experience true happiness. Multiple times Jesus demolishes sadness like: When Lazarus died. Jesus told Martha that if she believes in the Resurrection and life that Lazarus will rise again. Jesus also tells his disciples at the last supper that he will die. They became sad but he told them " Very truly I tell you, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy.&qu…

G is For Gospel

G is indeed for Gospel.

I'm pretty sure this may have surprised a few of you, as my theme being, "God" you might have thought my G word would be God. But no, I want to talk about Gods Son: Jesus. I want to go through each Gospel and explain things. Why it was written, when was it written, who was it written for, and a little about each of the 4 Saints.

I was teaching about the 4 Gospels one week when I was teaching, and there was this cool little rhyme the other teacher had come up with to help the kids remember each of the four Gospels: Matthew Mark Luke and John, hold the horse till I get on.

I liked it. And I'm pretty sure most kids liked it as well.


Written around 85 AD The Gospel of Matthew is a beautiful painting that continues throughout the whole gospel. The writer (most likely Saint Matthew) was indeed a Jewish-Christian who wrote for other Jewish-Christians. He focused on how Jesus was the Messiah promised from generations to generations. The beauti…

Sunday- Readings and Break

I do realize today is suppose to be my break. But I am just use to blogging everyday already I haev to say a few words on this past week, The week to come, and this weekend's readings, to all of those who like reading those posts!

This past week was an adventure for sure! I enjoyed doing these posts. Some of them this past week were short, but got longer and more informational. I hope you learned something. God works in mysterious ways! This challenge, is a great way, that I feel God works through me! How? He calls me to write on a certain word. A-F DONE! I hope you enjoyed this past week! (Thanks for all the Comments and WELCOME TO ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS!)

This coming week, you might need a little more time to read. Theses posts are little longer. It's pretty sad how it's the second week in and I broke my rule. I was going to K.I.S.S (Keep It Short and Simple) But some of these posts just went on Longer! I hope they will be posts that you like, and that you learn something …

F is for Faith

F is indeed for Faith

Faith changes everything.

Faith is the belief in what you don't see. We have Faith in God. We do not see him, and yet we believe he is their. We believe that God will be their, and help us when we need. We believe their is a God and that God came to earth.

TO have faith that means we have to know something is there. To know that the unseen is their. WE have to know that person! We have to seek to know God, to have Faith in God. It isn't knowing about God but knowing who he is.

Well knowing about him, would ruin the secret of the Lord and his plan. Knowing  about God, wouldn't be right. It would be like naming God. It would mean we have power over God, so we don't have a name for him, just God. (But such a powerful name too)

But wait, having Faith and Knowing him means we have to trust him also right?

Indeed It Does!

We must trust God! Trusting in him is essential to our Faith. For without trust, we can not know Faith and without Faith we cannot know…

E is for: Eucharist

E is indeed for Eucharist

Part of being a Catholic, we believe that at mass the bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Christ. Jesus gave us his body to eat, his blood to drink, so that we the faithful may have everlasting life in him.

Through the Body and Blood of Christ we are nourished by the gift left by Jesus Our Lord. Through eating the bread, and Drinking his blood, we take part in the one action that connects all of us Catholics together. We all share in the Body of Christ.

On the night he was betrayed, Jesus took bread blessed it and gave it to his disciples. He blessed it into becoming his body. He finished the covenant God started with Abraham. The action of the Holy Eucharist is a beautiful action and mystery to indeed take part in.

The beautiful action of the Holy Eucharist is what connects us all over the world. We are united with Christ every time we take part in it. Jesus our God, is the living bread whom, gives us life every time we take and eat. Life for our s…