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We are called to be the fig tree

A Fig Tree we are called to be. 

In today's first reading Moses is called by the burning bush. He is called by God, to start the next big leap in Gods plan. God, heard the people of Israels cry. He heard their heart filled cry, to be saved from slavery. So God, decided to do something about it. 

Moses was looking after his sheep on a hill, and SAW the burning bush. Since he had SEEN the bush burning he became curious and went to investigate. When God saw Moses coming close to the tree God called Moses through the burning bush. The bush however did not burn. It stayed just has it was. God, from the heavens called to Moses telling him to lead the Israelite's into the land of Milk and honey. 

God commanded Moses to take off his shoes for it is holy ground. Moses did this purely for obedience and respect for God. He knew God was their so, for the sign of Respect he removed his shoes.  When Moses found out that it was God, He covered his face. He covered his face from God for two reasons: 1 So that he may not die 2 to be kept clean.

First Moses covered his face because anyone who had seen God would have died. They had seen the face of God on earth. Which then he was God, and it would reflect on him for the next while, so anyone who would look at him would die. This leads into the second reason. To be kept clean.  Divinity could contaminate humanity, and vi-versa. Moses had to cover his fave because then he would like God, since he saw God. And anyone who didn't cover them selves that looked at him would die. ( The next closes thing to God, was a female who had given birth. They would have had to be put away for 40 because after the birth to be purified, because they made a human, which was thought to be just like God) 

In today's Gospel, Jesus tells us that if we don't want to suffer, we must repent, then we will be saved. What a scary image Jesus gives us. If we don't repent we will up the same way as those whom Pilate had killed... This is the same image God presented in the Old Testament ( except in several spots like the first reading)  Jesus then continues with a parable. 

The man wanted to have his Fig tree cut down, since it hasn't produced any sweet elegant fruit for him to enjoy. It was simply taking up space.  The Farmer however, who had taken care of it, saw hope in it. Saw that, maybe if he gives it a little fertilizer, it might grow; it might just bear a fruit. 

This is what Jesus does to us. When we are not producing fruit that he wants us to, he will dig all the bad dirt around us, and put some good fertilizer to help us Grow.. To get us on the track of producing the fruit we were meant to produce. We are all different types of 'trees' if you will. We were all given different fruits to produce (talents), and with these talents we are to give glory to God, for he gave us these talents. 

Jesus will call us to be a disciple  But to become a disciple we must repent, so that we may not perish. He will fill us with the best of fertilizer to make sure we are always producing the best of fruit.


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