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Who Do You Say I Am

"But what about you?"
He [Jesus] asked, 
"Who do you say I am?"
Matthew 16:15

"Who do YOU say I am?" We will ALL have different names, and ideas of who and what Jesus is. Jesus is our: brother, Lord, Savior, Christ, Parent and much much more. Jesus, Is anything we want him to be. If we need comfort, he will be that best friend, their ready to comfort. If we fail, He will be that parents encouragement. 

To recognize God, has God, we need to have faith. We need to have much Faith in him. If we want to recognize him has Lord, or our brother, we need to have Faith. Faith, that he will be listening when we pray; Faith he is their to comfort us; Faith, that when we seek him with our heart we will truly find him in the presence  of ANY situation.

Anything regarding God, We MUST have Faith.

I was at a prayer service yesterday for this lady at my church, she was very dear to me and to many people. She had passed away on Sunday. At the prayer service, the priest had invited a sister ( not sure what order she was from) to go and offer a reflection. Now, the part that really, struck me form this reflection was when this sister had gone to visit this lady in the hospital and the conversation with her. It went something like this:

As soon has the sister walked in the door, the dying lady said, " Do you know what the doctors told me?" 

The sister responded, " no"

and the lady told her, " The doctors said, ' They can't do anything else for me, my lungs are done, I'm going to die." 


The sister responded, " Are you afraid?" 

And the lady responded, " No" 

Then, I had to stop, and whip the tear from my eye. This lady, that was in the hospital, ( she was 88 I believe) had driven her self EVERY day to weekday mass, and Sunday mass at 11:00. She would say all the responses, ( she would be a few words behind) and she would always have the hymnal open, ready to sing.

This lady had faith. She is an example to live by. Her faith was simple, yet she still knew what amen meant. She was a TRUE follower of God. To come everyday, to mass, was amazing. In the worst of blizzards, to the hottest of days, she was their, ready for mass. 

For her response, to have been " No" for when she was to die, was amazing. She had Faith. She had Faith, that her God, Her Brother, Her Parent, would raise her up into heaven, with a GREAT deal of peace. She knew she would go and meet her Father in heaven.

Looking, back and seeing how much Faith she had, it makes me realize again and again, why I choose Faith has my One Word of 2013. She is certainly one, I will try to live by. I will take her example of Faith, and grow from their. Add that to my list!!! I will grow in my Faith, by being a living example of Jesus, just like this lady was.  She is with her father, and will still always be there every weekday mass, and Sunday Mass.

Who Do You say I am? Biased on everything that God has done in our lives, all our definitions will be different. God, Is SO GREAT and everyone will have a different definition of who God is!

Then we come across one of my favorite disciples, a disciple which is someone to possibly live by. (except for the denying part) Peter. He has a fast brain and just as fast of a mouth. Peter is always the first one to speak up when he is clueless or has a clue what is going on.

He is always in contact with the Lord. And he builds up a great amount of faith while he is with Jesus.  Peter spoke up the fastest, in saying," YOU ARE THE CHRIST" which he must have figured out when he tried to walk on water and almost drowned.

  Peter in meaning " Rock" is going to be the foundation for the first church. When Jesus said," On this rock I will build my church" he was talking about Peter. He would have Peter build the first church. And Not even Hades (Greek God of the under world) would be able to destroy the church. Peter, would become the first pope of the church. Jesus would build in upon Peter.

We certainly now know who Peter, thought Jesus was. Out of everything Peter did, it was by faith or for Faith. God had tested him several times to check his Faith. And Still today, God tests our Faith to see how sturdy we are. To see how much trust we have him.

I want to know, " Who Do YOU Say I [Jesus] Am?" Please leave it in the comment and Maybe another post will happen form them I don't know. But PLEASE leave a comment in response!



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