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Temptation Of Jesus

"The devil said to him,
 " If your the Son Of God, Tell this stone to become Bread"
Jesus Answered,
" It is written: 'Man Does not Eat Bread Alone' "
Luke 4 :3-4

As, a child, I was scared of this reading. I would refuse to read it or even look at it. I had never said the word, " Devil or Satan" has a kid. I was to scared to say them. I only wanted to focus on Jesus, and everything to do with him. And nothing to do with the devil.  I was so scared of the devil, when I was 4-6 years old, I always faced one way when I went to sleep. My bed as always been against the wall. I would always face the wall. The wall was the side of Jesus, and the open space was the 'devils' area.

Strange, I know.

But now, I could care less, on which side I face when I sleep, or if I read the story or not. 
Jesus supply's our daily Bread. He is the one, who, promised to take care of us. He would supply our daily bread. Our daily needs. He, however, would not supply for his own hunger. He stat their loyal to God, and prayed. Through Jesus being tempted, he takes all our tempts.

We always start our journey of Lent with the reading of Jesus being tempted. Now, Mark,  however does not have the full story of the temptation like Matthew and Luke. Obviously, Mark, must have thought it wasn't has important, because it would prove at that time that Jesus is the Son Of God. Where, Mark saves it till the end to let us know. 

To understand this temptation, we have to understand the three ways he tempts Jesus. 1) On his Humanity 2) Divinity 3) His trust.  The devil knew, just as well as Jesus, that Jesus was human and divine thus leading the devil to tempt him these three ways.  The devil was sneaky in how, and what he should tempt Jesus on. But regardless of the tempt, Jesus was filled with the Spirit, thus not letting the devil take control.

1)  The Devils First tempt was on Jesus' humanity.
The First Temptation done by the devil is to test the Lords Hunger. Jesus, could have easily, been selfish, and changed  them right there and then to prove how marvelous God was. But then he would be taking orders from another person, thus making Jesus a trader. Jesus resisted the temptation to prove his divinity, and humanity.
2) The Devils Second Tempt was on Jesus' Divinity. 
 The Devil tries to accomplish this by, asking Jesus to bow down to him. Saying that he will have all the places he will ever want. ( Which is all lies anyways) and Jesus staying loyal to where he had come from firmly stated, " It Is written: worship the Lord You God and serve him only." 

3) The Devils Third Tempt was on Jesus' Trust in God. 
The devil, was in fact testing the amount of Faith Jesus had his Father. The devil tried to trick Jesus, a make him jump off a cliff. But Jesus being loyal as loyal can be, stayed firm within his father, and put aside all selfishness inside him. 
The devil will only tempt those who have a a high seat with God. Now, you may think this isn't you, but surely I say, it is in fact you. We are all promised a place within the kingdom of God. We are all promised to be in that high seat with God. To live among the angels and Saints to Worship God. So the devil will come after you. He will want you to turn to the bad, instead of choosing the good. 

So, If your like Jesus, and have a LOT of Faith, and you Pray, Fast and Give Alms, you won't turn the stones into bread either.

Lord, My Heavenly Master,
Through you, I am able to continue my day.
Through you, I am able to live and enjoy life.

While on earth, the devil, came and tempted you,
May, through this experience,
that I, your unworthy servant, 
may learn to have Faith in God, 
your heavenly Father. 

May it be, 
by the power of the Holy Spirit, 
be called to resits all temptations of my life
and focus on the Path you want me to take.
Who live and reign with God the Father in the unity of 
the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever


With a deep and rooted Faith, let us together, not care any longer, on which side we face while we sleep or if we read it. For the devil will leave us alone if we have Faith in God!

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