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Five Minute Friday- Beloved

Today, (like all Fridays) I'm linking up and doing the 5 Minute Challenge.


"And a voice came from heaven saying,
'This is my Beloved Son; 
in whom I am well pleased"
Matthew 3: 17

This passage comes from the baptism of Jesus. Through the waters of baptism Jesus was filled with the Spirit, and became known as the Son of God. Now, Jesus of course didn't need to be baptized  He is already filled with the Holy Spirit, and was already Gods Son and he knew it. But he did get baptized to set us an example. That, before our mission, we must offer our selves; our lives to God.

Lent is a time, in which we reflect on our lives, and do something that will change our lives. If it's giving something up, or making an effort to visit family. Regardless of what we do, it doesn't have to big, as long as we, change and are doing everything in the name of God. 

During Lent we are called to do three things: Pray, Fast, And Give Alms. Jesus certainly did all of this, after being baptized. Jesus taught us these as well. He taught us these to help grow our connection with him during Lent and everyday of our lives. 

Through the waters of Baptism, we are made the Beloved Sons, and Daughters of God. He calls us to the waters if baptism, and it's up to us to say yes. For the most part our parents did when we were a baby, but even though, God filled them with the Holy Spirit to direct them onto his path. Since, we, through the waters of baptism become the children of God, he will use us in ways WE can't imagine. 

During this Lenten Season, Let us be the Beloved Sons and Daughters of God, In whom he his well pleased.




  1. This is a beautiful mystery about baptism - identifying with the death and resurrection of Jesus and being a new creation in Him. What a wonderful gift - to be His beloved!

    Visiting from 5 Minute Friday


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