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Five Minute Friday-Bare

Linking Up this Friday, and doing the Five Minute Friday Challenge!


I would like a bare piece of paper. 

Yes. This is what I want. Just one blank piece of paper. The opportunities are endless with a simple bare piece of paper.There are some many things you can do. You can express your feelings- Art or words- You can draw a master piece, You can make a sculpture, you can make into an paper plane, a dog, a bunny and much much more. Needless to say, their are a million uses for paper.

God started off with a piece of paper! Didn't you know? God, started with a draft, but yet, the draft was already perfect. That paper was you. God, started with a perfect clean, crisp, bare piece of paper, and he had a million options what to do with it. He made YOU. 

God, gives us all these wonderful great gifts. And when someone gives us a gift what should we do? We should USE IT! I'm not sure about you, but I would HATE it if I gave someone a  gift and they didn't like it and put it on their top shelf of their closet. 

Why would so many of us, not use a gift God planted inside us, from the time we were formed in the womb? Yes, we still have MANY gifts to develop and be opened unto us. But the gifts we have NOW we should use NOW. Just like that piece of paper I want NOW.



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