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Drink The Drink I Have

" Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink? "
Matthew 20:22

We all Drink. 

We do it every Sunday when we consume Blood of Christ. 

Okay, maybe it's doesn't technically count has drinking.

     And okay, maybe Jesus wasn't talking about drinking his blood as well. Jesus in this simple question is referring to the cup of suffering and his service to God. What loyalty he has.What a perfect example to set for us. Jesus had such Faith and Loyalty to God, He drank from the cup of suffering... Even though he didn't want to go through it ( Luke 22:39-46)

Such a relationship like that is rare to come across here on earth isn't it? Certainly not in Gods spiritual world, but here on earth. Jesus drank that cup to please his father. Everything he did was in the name of God. Which is good since God sent him. But at any time Jesus could have used his powers for anything.  Jesus could have made all their minds un-stubborn, He could have made them not crucified him, but he did it to please his Father. 

     The question Jesus proposes in that passage, is a question more of, " Do you know my relationship " Do you know what I MUST DO?"  And the mother responds ' Yes'  Jesus continues to say, You do not know what you are asking" which reveals that people did not know the full extent of the relationship.

This is a mystery to us all. The mystery of the connection between The father and The Son. The Father had the son had the greatest relationship, that can't simply be made here on earth. Why? Because we all have our attachment to items, our greed for money, our trust in someone else, and we spend more time watching t.v than praying. It's impossible to make the same connection has God and Jesus.

The Father, saw the world was troubled. He saw it needed help. ( Obviously the flood didn't work) and so he gave his only Son, who lives with him in heaven, to come into this earthly life. How great is that. And he fact that Jesus, The Son of God, came to earth and was loyal to God and didn't use his powers for anything else makes me feel secured and inspired to have faith in such a perfect relationship between a father and a son. 

      Don't think, though, that we on earth can't drink the cup. We all have and we all will continue to. No, it's not just the Saints and people who do big things. It's us as well. We can drink his cup in our days. By doing what we do, to the best we can. By making the ordinary to extraordinary. By keeping a great connection with God. Just like the Father and the Son. Yeah, it won't be has great as their connection, but they have to have such a strong relationship. 

We are called also, to have a strong relationship with God. Has I said above, by doing what we do, extraordinary. To make God shine in all that we do. For without his love and greatness we are nothing. Everything we do it should be in the name of God. God gave us all these gifts to use. And so lets use them to thank God. 

We are called to come and to have a beautiful connection with God, through Prayer and Faith. God desires the connection between you and him. God, gave us the free will to build it up with him. And So, we must drink the cup that Jesus drinks.

God Almighty,
The Love You have for
Jesus, your Son, our Lord,
Gives us the perfect example of 
how to Love on earth.

May I be called this lent,
by the example you have laid before us,
to grow a deeper connection with you,
through Jesus, Our Lord.

May  I be guided,
Through you Holy Spirit,
to live you will, 
and plan for all of humanity.

Help me:
To make the ordinary into extraordinary,
the gifts planted in me to Grown, 
the Love I have for other nourish,
the solemness of lent flow within my soul



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