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Ash Wednesday

As These burned palms are put on our head, we are to begin our full preparation for lent. We must  do this physically, mentally, and within our hearts. We must call to mind that with these ashes the suffering that Jesus went through to save OUR lives. For if we do truly believe that he did this all for us in our heads and heart he will truly accept us on the final Day. For let us not be deeply sadden, but be prepared to celebrate on the day of his resurrection!

Ash Wednesday Is a beautiful day. We are marked by these ashes, which are an outward sign that we have sinned, and that we will be forgiven on the day of the Lords Resurrection. Ashes, are the sign, that we, the faithful, are not embarrassed to say that yes, we have sinned, and yes we have been forgiven. 

I'm not sure about you, but I dislike it when a lot of ashes fall off of my forehead and onto my face. I like it better of my forehead, than on my eyes. I'm just glade, I don't live in the 1800's or so when people literally  " Took a bath" in Ashes. Ashes were poured onto people, and their would be some prayers said, but it was more of a cleansing than more than of sign. 

Ash Wednesday, Is still a day of cleansing - not a full body- but it's still a cleansing, From our sins. We are called, to repent. We are called to ask for forgiveness. We are called to have a clean heart, a clean soul, and a clean place for Jesus tomb... In our heart. Just as Jesus prepares a room for us, we must prepare a room for him, within our heart.

We have to remember that, though this happens within a Mass, it's not a Sacrament, it's Sacramental. Everyone within the church is called to come forward for ashes. Sacrament is for the those properly ready for it. (IE Communion, Baptism, Anointing of the Sick ect...) Whereas Sacramental is for everyone to come forward. 

This Ash Wednesday  may we be called to forgiveness, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. May we become one with God, this Lent. May we be forgiven and have a new clean heart. 

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Lord My God,
May it be by these Ashes, 
Placed on my head Today,
That, I a sinner,
May be called to Repent.
May my, unclean heart,
be renewed, and be cleansed.
May I have a clean Heart
and a new beginning 



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