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Are you worried the sun might not rise?

" From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, 
the name of the Lord is to be praised.

Are you EVER worried that the sun might not rise in the morning? 

Doesn't that seem like something stupid to worry about? Wondering if the sun will ever rise again in the morning? We know it will. We always know that the sun will come up the next morning. But how are we so sure? Is it because we see it every morning ever  since we were kids, so we don't think about it or is it because we don't have to rise it, we know it just happens and no matter what happens on earth it will always rise? 

But what if it didn't? 

What if the sun never rises in the morning ever again? We wouldn't have any light. We would be in complete darkness for ever. Imagine that. No crops to grow, NO solar panels would soak in light, We would have to use all electric lights, which wouldn't be the same. People would miss the sun. I know this because there was a few days here in Winnipeg where there wasn't and it was all over the news how people are depressed from not seeing the sun. 

The Sun is just one of those things we don't think about: But still brightens our day everyday. We wouldn't wake up to the sun shimmering in our eyes, we would run out of healthy food, and much more. But nevertheless life wouldn't be the same without the sun.

But this is all beyond what would happen.... Right? 

If we then, aren't worried about the sun coming up again, why then, do we worry God might not Love us anymore?  

Why do we worry that God will stop sending us his spirit?

Do we worry because we have sinned or done something he might not like? Well, the Sun still rises when ever something bad happens on earth. Bringing Hope and a new start. No matter what the sun still rises. And in the same way God, Our Creator, will always love us! No matter what happens to us God will always LOVE US! No matter what he will always send us his spirit. Why? Because he LOVES US! And you can NEVER break a bond of LOVE between a parent and his children.  

God will always love us! It's who he is! No matter what, It's his mission to take care of us, and he always will. Half of the time we forget about God in our day, but he's still there to bless everyday. And I'm pretty sure we would feel a HUGE difference if God ever left us ( Which would NEVER happen!) Every day we rise into a new day because of God!

God Is GREAT! 

Lord Our God,
We come to you with 
Humble and Willing Hearts.
We Thank You for Raising us to this 

Thank You Lord for Always 
being there.
Even when I may not know it. 
I ask that you open my eyes;
To be able to see your great love,
and Your GREAT presence in our daily lives!

As always you are welcomed to leave a comment on your thoughts and or opinion!  


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