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God Is our Parent.

My Parents Love Me.
This is the best photo I could find for parents.

What is the job of a parent?  We know that parents feed their children, buy clothes for their backs, buy food, give them a house to live in, help their child while they are sick, and is ALWAYS there for support and GREAT advice. 

Yesterday, I was doing my part of the Five Minute Friday, visiting and commenting the person who linked up before me. While I was at this persons blog, I was amazed at how they used the word again. Now, most of their post was a story, but at the end they said, " God's "Again" is an encouragement. Like the parent teaching the toddler to walk"   I personally had to stop and think. At how true that statement was. I hadn't stopped to think about it like that before. 

So, It made me think. I always  knew that God was our parent, and that he could gave us unfailing love. But then I began to look deeper into this: " How Is God My Parent?" It made me think for the rest of the day. When ever I would see my parents I would always come up with something new, because certainly, I couldn't live without my parents and all that they do and have done for us. 

God Is our Parent. He is the greatest mother, that is there to give us the right support and he is the greatest Father training  us to do brand new things. Has the GREATEST parent, He is ALWAYS there to LOVE US! HE is always there to give us support, and lead us down the right path. 

But then we get into the question, " What is Love?" 

Dictionary.Com's answer is, " a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person." As Romantic as that answer is, it  doesn't fill my hunger for the answer. Love doesn't have a cap for just one other person, and by saying this I do not mean cheating. I mean, there are different types of Love. Some more serious than others. 

Then one could say that there is, "Conditional Love" Which is the love a parent give to a child if they get straight A's or they excel supremely in something. But, this doesn't solve my question.Since this doesn't answer my question, neither will Puppy Love, or  I want to know, "what is love"? 

One could also say, " Material Love"  Thats love for an object in which we have or don't. (envy I guess) But yet, this is breaking one of the commandments. How? God told us not to have any other God before him. When we love an object, we will do ANYTHING to protect it, which then make sit number one = A God. 

In many definitions, it will saying having Love for this or for that, but I want to solve, what is that love. But, then again, I don't think it can be solved. I think it's left to everyone to give it it's own definition. I could go on with different types of love. But none of them would fill my hunger. I'm not talking about the love between two people, I'm talking about the love between, family, and friends. Even the Love-hate relationship with your old Physics teacher. 

We, are the answer to Love. There really isn't an answer to what love is. A parents Love is just something that no one can fully explain, but we all have our own definition of Love.

 God is Love. Is Love is Greater than any parent. Why? Because his love is the encouraging kind, that is like a parent teaching a toddler to walk. 

God Is our Parent. 

P.S I would LOVE to hear from you, and what YOUR definition of love is!
Leave it in the comments. Thank You God bless!


  1. God is love, and love is God.

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for linking up on Winsome Wednesday and I too agree with Denise, God is love and whenever we show Godly love, we show Christ to others.
    God bless

    1. It has been a while since I have, so I thought I would like up yesterday! I actually came across a quote yesterday, on a blog, that was part of Winsome Wednesday, It fits this perfectly! " “Live in such a way that those who don’t know God will come to know God because they know you!”~ Unknown. I think I might switch that into a post... Who knows?


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