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Five Minute Friday- Opportunity

It's back! The Five Minute Friday showdown! Every Friday, You write for five minute flat, no editing, not back tracking, no changing what i have written. I will let out a little secret. I'm a slowish typer, and I take a little while to come up with some ideas of what to write so I usually turn to Scripture. So mostly, my Five minute Fridays take me 10-15 minutes to write. SHOCKER!!! But, as part of my One Word, Faith, I won't let time stop me, but on the other hand I should be able to get my message across in  a short amount of time.


      Life is FULL of opportunities. We may be aware of them, and well we may not be. But everywhere we go, and anywhere we go, we are always given opportunities. God, always is opening new doors for us to travel and seek into. When one, may not work out so much for us, he closes that door, and opens another. 

Jesus took as many opportunities to pray as he possibly could. He was always in touch with his heavenly father. He was always known to be talking to him. But, why would God, need to talk to God? Why does Jesus need to talk to God, if he is partially God himself? There is three different options we have to answer this: One because he was giving us an example. Two, to show us dependence to the heavenly father and third, to show us to care for others. (He was always praying for food for others, healing of others, and the spirit be upon his disciples.

In Jesus final hour of life on earth, before he was taken away from this world, he had prayed for you and me. " My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message" ( John 17:20, NIV) Can you imagine, that OUR LORD, OUR GOD, had YOU and I in mind when we he was praying. We are the believers that have not seen but yet believe. "...Blessed are those who have not seen me and yet have believed" ( John 20: 29, NIV) 

If Jesus had the time to pray for you, I think we should make that opportunity to take time for Jesus. To bend our knee in prayer and pray for anyone that everyone. 



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