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Five Minute Friday: Cherish


With the Christmas season ending, it is (sorta) the perfect time to talk about cherishing. If you can recall from most of the Gospels in these last few weeks, we would have heard the line, " and she [Mary] cherished all these things in her heart."

With everything that had happened to Mary she had cherished them into her heart. Why? Why would she cherish them in her heart? Well, for several reasons: 1 She is only 14-19 and she has had her first child. And so she wishes to remember all these things. 2 She was told she was gonna bore the SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE! ( imagine that) So she wants to remember everything that happened to him has a young man before he began his ministry.

Before  I get any more into this post, I think i'm gonna answer the question, " What does Cherished mean? " Well, it simply means to hold dear, or to keep a fond memory of it. To treat something with special love.

Do you cherish anything? Think about it. As anything ever happened that you have cherished? Yes? No?  Well, cherish every moment of everyday, because everything you do; all the memories and experiences YOU have define YOU has a person. We live everyday, we go through everything everyday, so why not cherish it all? Good or bad, they both form us to become better.

My Loving Father,
Thank You for living.
Thank You for giving me every moment of everyday.

Lord, I ask that you may cherish all your children. 
That you may hold them close to your heart, 
and send the spirit to bless them.



P.S Sorry about not posting, I've got the flu! 
Regular posts return next week! 


  1. Very helpful, Mike. I love this word, and your word about the lovely old word, Cherished.


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