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Day Two: Bible Reading Challenge- Genesis 4-6

I was thinking of doing one for the first day. But I like today's readings better.  I will be doing posts, every now and then on this; I will also be doing my regular posts. These posts will consist of: a small reflection/ review on the reading, I will point out the verse that stuck out to me the most and I will leave you with a thought to help you think of something for the rest of the day.

     We start off with the story of Cain and Abel. This story is perfect for my one word resolution of this year. Faith. Cain gave his offering of left overs because he had. He kept everything good for him, and gave extra for God. Then there is Abel. Abel gave his best offerings. He gave him the best of the lambs, the best one has an offering to God. By Faith, Abel had given the better offering, because he knew God, and Loved God.

So must we give our very best to God. Yes, I know, most of us don't have sheep or a large farm to give an offering to God. But that is not what he's asking us to give. He wants us to give him our time. By going to mass, taking time to pray, taking time to develop our gifts and talents. The gift and talents God has given us.

Since, God approved of Abel's offerings more, Cain became envious. He wanted attention, he wanted to be number one with God. He wanted God favour. Cain had done the second evil within there "world" at the time. Which had then continued the line of evilness, which led to God regretting he had made human kind.

The Verse that stuck out the most was from chapter 5 verses 1-2

" When God created man, he mad him in his own likeness. He created them male and female and blessed them. 
And when they were created, he called them 'Human Beings' "

Thought (This is a trick question... See if you figure it out): 

If God knew we were human and made mistakes, then why did he regret making humans? Gen.6:7


  1. Abel obeyed God, Who had asked for a blood sacrifice. Abel disobeyed God by bringing an offering of his crops, showing his pride in what he himself had worked hard for, and thinking that his way was better than God's way.
    Thanks so much for following Saved by Grace! I'm following you back!
    God bless & Happy New Year!


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