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Christian Unity

As, a brand new week starts, another one ends. That means last week as come to a close-The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  But, we are always encouraged to pray for Christian Unity all year long.  I was glad to see a week dedicated to the unity of Christians. Why? Because their is so much judgment and problems with all religions, and how things should be done ect. But the thing is we all worship the same God... We just call him several different things...

There is just so much trouble in between religions, I mean why can't we all get along?

In 1 Corinthians 12: 13 St Paul writes,

" For we were all baptized by ONE spirit. into ONE body-whether Jew or Greek, slave or free- and we were all given the ONE Spirit to drink."

I LOVE the words of St Paul. Not only in this passage but in most of the letters. St Paul, often reminds many people the unity we must have, the Love we must have for our neighbor and of those of other religions.

In this passage St Paul, says that we are all baptized by one spirit. No, this is not our own water baptism. Here he is specifically talking about our baptism of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we all have different meanings and understandings and symbols for our water baptism  but the thing that connects us all - Catholics, Protestant, Lutheran ect...- is that we are baptized by the SAME spirit of God.

We are all meant to share in the One Body of Christ, and to share in the One Cup of blessing. For, God is to big to fit into one religion. It is by, the Holy Spirit, that we can become one.  This is what God wanted all along. That we may stop all our anger and sins, and just belong has one.

As a result of us arguing, and disputing over religion, and how things should be done in the world- which ended up causing sin- God HAD to send a flood; God HAD to send the countless Prophets, and God HAD to send Jesus. For our sake.

Jesus showed us the PERFECT example of UNITY. When he was first starting his ministry, he picked people who were fisherman to Tax Collectors. The fisherman were probably really upset/ Angry with the Tax Collectors, but the thing is, they forgot their feelings for each other, and become ONE. Why? Because they were all following, the ONE God, the ONE Lord in which we all still worship today.

If the disciples could get along, and not get angry at each other... Why can't we?

Why can't we be just like the disciples of the time of Jesus? Why can't we just drop all our differences and stop judging what we all believe, and worship the Lord, in which we already do. For he is the Lord. Everyone, will depict him has something different: That was meant to happen! So why can't we put aside our differences and follow God? 

"I want people everywhere, to lift up their holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing" 

1 Timothy 2:8 

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

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    Look forward to your challenge posts.

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  2. Very Good Post! Was doing some blog hopping, and found this great blog!!!

    1. Thank You SO Much! Your visit mean a lot to me :D


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