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Christ: His Coming Our teaching

"He said to me, 
' You are my so today I become YOUR Father.' " 

Psalm 2: 7

Today, for me is a lazy day. Teaching today has been cancelled because of a "Blizzard." Well, there barley is snow blowing, There is a lot of snow blowing and there is a lot of wind and it's chilled out. But anyways, they had cancelled it. Today was suppose to be the first day back form break. But in my head through this whole thing i was repeating what God had said to Abraham " For the sake of ten I will not destroy it"   "For the Sake of One I will not cancel it!" "Personally I think if there is a brave soul to come out and be determined to learn, I say teach them.

But thats besides the point. 

Jesus came into the world to teach us how to live. He gave us the perfect example of how to Love. He gave us the spirit of truth, and humility. He came and showed us how the father wants us to live. 

He came and guided us on this path called life. He gave us the right direction to follow. He came and did what he wanted us to do in our lives. 

Nothing else that God had done worked with the world. 

  • The Flood, well I mean it wiped out everyone, but then evil was still in the world.  He made  a promise not to send that again. 
  • He sent countless prophets to come and teach us about the coming of Jesus.
  • He save countless people from Egypt
  • He sent his Son. Which was probably good for that time. Jesus is to come again, but that is most likely when things are SOOO bad he can't fix them. 
God tries everything that anything. But regardless of all those evil ones, he will not destroy the world if there is only 1 righteous person. If it comes to that, he will probably take the righteous one out of the world, and into his kingdom and then destroy the world. ( just like he did with Sodom.) 

Getting back to things as an example. The first thing Jesus did was got baptized before he started his ministry. He gave us the example of Going into the waters to receive God. To become his son. To become his daughter.

I'm sure as you and I know that the day you and I were baptized on the Original Sin was taken away from us. And to that, any sin that happened after baptism was our fault. But it's a good thing that we are called to Confession, to confess our sins.


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