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A Christian Bloggers Prayer

Heavenly Father,
It is through you I am able to live upon this earth.
I Praise you almighty God, for all the GREAT things YOU do in My Life.
Lord God, I Thank You for the chance to be able to Blog,
To be able to spread YOUR word through out our community. 

I ask that you send me your blessing,
of the Holy Spirit,
To be filled with Knowledge, 
and  Humility. 

I Thank You for:
 fingers that type,
Eyes that can see, 
A mind that can think,
A Loving God, that fills  me day after day with inspiration 
To write about Your almighty glory!



  1. Another Amen! Have just been studying Kelly Minter's course on Nehemiah, and what a man of prayer he was. Really shows the importance of keeping up our prayer-line!

    1. Prayer is such an important part of OUR Life, that we always need to be keeping up with it! Thanks for commenting :D


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