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Being Holy! Love and Serve God!

How often is it, that when we hear the word Holy we think of silent monks living away in a monastery. Hands folded in prayer, without sin, and living a perfect life. That is the most common image, I believe, people have when they hear someone is holy. They are holy. But so many people would be incorrect, and this weekend of the Most Holy Family explains it very well.

     The holy family, as told in scripture, did not have an easy life. Today, in the Gospel, we are told of another struggle they go through. Their son is wanted dead by Herod. Forcing them to move to Egypt until Herod dies. (Which would have been around 2-4 years later) 
     Troubles, inconveniences, and other wrong things go on in ever family. Including the Holy Family. Their struggles, however different they may be to ours, still provide a good example. St Paul, in todays second reading, tells us to do two things: 1 Put on Love and 2 Forgive when someone does you wrong.
     Love is an essential part to any human…

The Poor Shepherds...

How often do we place prejudices and titles upon other people? As we go through down town, looking at the homeless, and watching them bagging for money. How often do we judge those whom are on the streets? Do we offer them a helping hand or do we blame them for becoming in the state they are in? We often walk past, or quickly glance and not give a second thought about the person begging for money. All of them have a story, like you and I. 
     Jesus our King, was born in a stable. In a cold, wet, stinky, animal infested, wood falling, stable and placed in the wooden dish that animals feed in. He became flesh in a troubled world, and was born and raised in Nazareth. Jesus, was one of the poorest people. Born into the manger as a helpless, powerless child. Jesus, the ultimate ruler, came as a child, who relies on others to take care of him. He was born and grew up like you and I. He relied on others to be fed, to drink, to live. 
     The first to be called to see the baby Jesus w…

Who is the Real Star of Christmas?

Especially around this time of year, we all enjoy going to the Christmas parties. That is of course, depending on who and what it's for. Regardless, we all have been or gone to Party that we absolutely enjoyed or absolutely hated. Parties have become a almost a social conduct. Having them on our birthdays, for weddings, for a birth of a child, and for so much more! It is wonderful to have parties- We need to celebrate the Joyous event which has occurred.

     Every year we celebrate a party that is greater than any other. Not historically accurate, but made to compete with the other pagan and roman celebrations, this party happens every year on December 25 until January 6. Yes it is the party of the Birth of Jesus Christ, who was born in a cold, wet, smelly manger. His first guests, to his party, were some simple, humble, and good spirited shepherds.

     Over time this great party grew in popularity and more and more people came. Due to it's amazing growth and popularity,…

Do Not Be Afraid and Have Faith!

Noah, Abraham, Moses, and the other fathers, are a great example of true Faith. Their loyalty, and commitment to God speaks loudly to people throughout history and still speaks loudly to us today. Looking back at them, especially Abraham and Noah, having Faith in this voice speaking to them. God was calling them to become something greater than they were, and they had no clue what they were getting themselves in. But they remained Faithful all along.

     St Joseph, from Today's Gospel is a great example of staying faithful even though things aren't going our way. Joseph was done making plans to dismiss Mary as his wife, but right then God intervened. God stopped him from acting out of anger, and emotion, and to follow Gods Plan... not his own. He then took on the role God assigned him-even though he didn't know what it meant to be the earthly father of God. What Great Faith!

     Todays Second reading, is the opening of Romans. We have Paul introducing himself, expla…

Money Doesn't Mean Your Rich...

We live in a world that revolves around money. Everyday we are surrounded by ads telling us to buy this and buy that, and to get the better deal here rather than their. We all have bills to pay, and things to buy, and this can cause us to make money the center goal. However, no matter what others say, money should be the least of our struggles....

     We place to much importance on money in our lives. Governments, international companies and franchising business are all greedy. Everything is for money. It's all filled with greed and selfishness-you can smell it anywhere. the world is acknoledging money has it's new 'god' but everyone forgets, " Money doesn't buy Happiness."

You could be the richest person in the world and still be poorest person.

     You would be poor at heart. Money would be a wall the is up between you and life. It is the divider dividing us from being happy, and from being rich...-rich in Gifts that is.

     The spiritual gifts…

Patience Is Essential

After a long day at school, (especially after some classes) I am usually very tired and not very patient and just want to get home to rest. ( I am sure many people are the exact same) I will sometimes have to wait till 4 or later, (school ends around 3) and then the traffic home adds time and things just keep adding up. And for sure my patience is tested.

     In todays Second reading, James tells us bluntly to be patient. He paints a small picture with words, " The farmer waits for the precious crop from the earth, being patient with it until it receives the early and late the late rains" We must be like the farmer. Any farmer, would be glad to be patient if it means he gets a good harvest from the crop that he tills. So it will be similar with us. If we are patient and prepare our selves, during this season of Advent, so we will experience great rewards!

    St James tells us to wait "patient like the prophets" Ever since the death of David, the Israelites, k…

Exercise Your Faith

They have turned, in the past year, a small portion of our cafeteria, at school, into a workout room. It's filled with treadmills, rowers, bench press, Bicep/tricep curls, and much more. It isn't to big, nor is it to small, just enough for about 28  people (give or take a few) It is used for a morning fitness class, gym classes, and after school (sometimes) when people wish to go their.

     It has been scientifically proven that a way to improve your mood is to go and exercise. Either for a daily run, bike ride, and/or  going to a gym. It gets your blood pumping and released chemicals (in your brain) that helps improve your mood.

     In a similar way we must also exercises our Faith. We must  have our daily 'run' of Faith. Our daily Prayer with God, Our weekly ( or daily) communion with God, and adoration for God. We must run that heavenly race. We must exercise our Faith in our actions and go to Mass and receive the Sacraments to be re-nourished- like a runner rel…

Prepare The Way Of The Lord

I have, recently, been helping to plan for an Advent gathering event day. We are planning to have  many crafts, snacks and a nice time in the church for a service. It is kind of like a miniature 'Day Camp,' however, instead of being all day it is 2 hours long. We had all decided that this was going to be  solely based on Advent and CHRISTmas- no Santa. Of course, with any event, we have started to plan and prepare for the wonderful Christmas gathering. I have personally been assigned to prepare a little prayer service for the end to do in the church.

     To run any good event, it will require good preparation to make sure that everything will run smooth. The event, we hope, will run smooth and properly, and of course, we try to prepare for all unthinkable situations. However, sometimes we cannot prepare for everything.  It becomes difficult to predict the things that will happen, and then becomes are mission to quickly act upon it.

     In this weekends first reading, the…

First Weekend Of Advent: Stay Awake, Be Prepared, PUT ON CHRIST!

Since a small age I have had the calling to becoming a Priest. That calling, as only grown more and more, like a plant growing from it's seed to it's fruit. The calling is continually growing through the nourishment given by Priests,Bishops, family, and my church community. I now anticipate, more and more everyday, the day that I will become a Priest; When I will become a Servant to the Lord.

     It is normal for us, day to day, to plan our what we will do today and tomorrow and next week. When we will start working on this, and when we will call our friend. It's normal, and very useful to plan in advanced. We plan so much, that we buy insurance in case something unpredictable may happen. In and around the time of Jesus, however, they only focused on the present-not the future.  Which Jesus, very rarely, agrees with them and teaches them to pray, " ..And give us this day our daily bread"
     Today in the Gospel, however, Jesus tells us to prepare and stay…

Work for Your Food

In the second reading of this past weekends Second Reading , Paul simply tells us to work for our food. To work daily then we shall receive our daily food. St Paul, leading by example tells them to work for it even if you will get it for free. Always pay and work for your reward.

      This can easily be compared to the Eucharist. We receive the Eucharist  to sustain us, to refresh us, to be equipped. For what? For the works that are planned for us by the Lord Jesus. We can go and receive it every weekend, however, it is their to refresh and equip us, so it then becomes pointless if we do not put it into action.

 We must work to become better people, we must care for others as Christ cared. We must Love like Christ loved. We must share and be honest. We must help when help is needed.  We need to proclaim the Good News. WE must work-through and in our action, we must imitate Christ.

We must work for our food. We must work to be sustained, refreshed and equipped.

We must work for the Bod…

Sunday Gospel

As a child, about the third grade or so, I was always frightened of the word, "satan" When ever I had to say, or sing, it I would either say it really quietly or not say it at all. I had this fear and disgust for his name and refused to say it. It was a horrifying image that I had some how painted and was scared.  However as time moved on, I got okay with saying it-but still, I only say it when it's needed the most.

     Jesus paints us a terrifying image of the world today. He shares that wars, plaques and destruction to the temple will come. The world will face all sorts of harmful happenings but yet these will not be the end of the world. But before any of this happen the disciples them selves will be persecuted, and be faced with many hardships and trials.

    Why does Jesus mention this? Lukes' Gospel  was written around 80 AD, and one of the biggest events that took place during this time was the destruction of the temple. Jesus had lived, died and ascended…

Do you take time to Stop and Find God?

Yesterday and today, the Gospel readings have been recent ones that were proclaimed on the weekends. As Ordinary time comes to a closer, we begin to rehear some of these stories again and again. For instance today's Gospel is the story of the ten lepers.

     This reading is a perfect example of how good things can happen to us at any time. Yes, the beggars did ask, from a distance, for Jesus help, but did they really know they would become healed. Did they truly believe? Only one of the ten believed, because he went rejoicing, praising, and thanking the Lord for the healing. 
     How often do you, in your daily life, see the Good the lord has done? Are your eyes open;clean, to see that they come from the Lord? or do you expect these things to happen to you? Throughout our day Jesus is continually making good things happen. However, especially in the tough days, it becomes very difficult to see the things the Lord is doing. 

     We are surrounded by busy world. We are rece…

Remembrance Day

Let us Remember Those who have Gone Before Us

The Essential and Fundamental Choice: Do I choose God?

I am in an ongoing process of which courses to take. Which ones will help me more than others, and seeing what has more benefits than others. It a struggle, because if I don't take things this year, it limits to what I can take next year, and I want to leave doors open for the next while. I'm afraid, however, not taking the right things, and missing out on something that could potentially be helpful to me. Soon enough, I will have made my choice and stick with it.

     We are always surrounded by choices in life. What do I want to do in life? Where should I go today? Should I watch t.v even though I have work to do? Should I go shopping? And the list could continue. When we are surrounded by so many options and choices, we begin to separate between what I NEED and What I WANT.

     Really, there is one  essential choice we must make Do I believe in God? Do I choose God? Everything other choice is optional and a want. We must profess our Faith in Christ Jesus, and everythi…

Thursday Think About

'...And To Save The Lost"

Mysteriously, last year during the last three weeks of school I had lost a binder that held notes for two classes. Ironically enough, the binder I lost was for a class on how to stay organized.  I looked and looked all around for it-never found it. I prayed to St. Anthony many times-never found it.It was surly a goner. During the summer I never really forgot about the binder, it sat in the back of my mind.

     When school started again in September, I had let it go, that I would never again have those notes, and I forgot about. Out of the blue, however, on the third week back to school I was called to the office. Someone, that day, had found my binder and brought it to the office! Just like that. IT survived the three weeks gone, and then the two months away during the summer. WOW

     At the end of  this weekends gospel, Jesus shares with us a line that hasn't left my mind, "For the Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost." Jesus often refers to himself, …

Why Do We Compare Ourselves?

In this present age, we are surrounded by the increasing popular theme of comparing individuals to each other. We are captured into this theme, which leads us into comparing our selves to one another. We can often and will often compare our selves based upon, clothes, money, looks, and ways of life. This however, when done, can lead to hatred and separation of people. 
      In today's Gospel, this is exactly what the Pharisee does-compare. He sees himself as this wonderful Man, who follows all the rules and does all the norms. So, in his mind, he was free to judge that lying, misbehaving, and un-liked  tax collector. But in his prayer, he praises himself, he makes himself the focus, and everything that he has done...But what about God?
     Yes, it's great to be the one that follows all the rules and make sure we don't break any of them. But the biggest thing is admitting to it, when we don't. Look at the Tax collector, he knew he had done wrong, and he knew he w…

God Alone Suffices

Let nothing disturb you, Let nothing frighten you,All things are passing away:God never changes.  Patience obtains all things. Whoever has God lacks nothing;God alone suffices.

St. Teresa of Avila
     What do we rely on to be sustained? What do we need that we absolutely need to live? In our daily lives their is more around us that keeps us living more than we think of everyday. We know the basics: Water and Food, and arguably Vegetation, the Sun and other people..But what about the atmosphere that protects us from the Sun, or Gravity that keeps us from floating or the oxygen that keeps us breathing. Also, what about earths natural processes that keep vegetation and animals living?  Everything continues to work, and do it's scientific stuff; even if we don't know about it. 
     Majority of these natural processes are hidden and the ecological development of plants are hidden within the depth of the soil-so we begin to replace what is actually sustains us. For instance, our Pho…

Persistent Prayer

It's always funny, to see the persistence of a little kid trying to get a brightly colored toy, that looks amusing to him or her. Walking through stores, passing by the toy section, it is not a rare occasion seeing a kid ask their parents for a toy over and over again- or they end up just tossing it in the cart. The child will not let that toy go-they want it, and they are gonna get it.

     Many interpretations for this weekends first reading is that Moses, on the hill, was praying the prayer of intention. He was asking God for the victory of Joshua and the army he had. But often, throughout this long battle, Moses' arms begin to feel heavy and he began to feel the fatigue of holding his hands up. Whenever he did let his arms down, we are told, the Amalek would have the upper hand. (Pun not intended)

     Place yourself now, in the spot of Moses. Think that you are Moses and you come in prayer before God. The Battle that unfolds is the battle between your Faith and temp…

A Prayer....

Gracious, life giving, heavenly Father,

Thank You, for the love you supply us with abundantly every day. Thank You for the friends I have, and the gifts given to me. It is by your care, and love that we can have life, and have our being every day. We thank you for life, and the faith that has been planted within our hearts.

Father almighty, you call us, to strengthen us and to give us eternal happiness in life with you. You have called us Father, to share your Gospel to those whom do not know it. Not only in word, but by example. You alone are the ultimate source of strength, in who we turn to in struggle.

You have given us O Lord more than we ever need. You have supplied us abundantly, with affection and have equipped us all with gifts to use, and to share. You have equipped us with all that we need to proclaim your gospel to all peoples.

Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever AMEN

Thanks Giving!

Today, all Canadians celebrate the wonderful day of Thanksgiving. God gives us so much in our daily lives, so it is only just that we stop for a day to say Thank You. As we gather every Sunday for Eucharist we joyfully say thank you! Thanking God for the sacrifice on the cross. For Eucharist-translated from Greek- simply means Thank You.

Especially since my One Word for 2013 is Faith, and since it means a lot to me.  This year I am thankful for My Faith. 
A lot has happened to me because of My Faith. I have been able to grow as a person, and as a family member of Gods Family and my own family. Through my Faith, I have been able to do new things in the Community, write this blog, and come to realize how awesome God is. 
To pray, our faith must be strong. Prayer is the direct connection between Person and God. When we pray we open ourselves to God, and allow God to work through us. We open the door of our heart, mind, and soul. Thus having more to be  thankful for.  Prayer is unique, an…