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When it's hard to Pray, Prayer the Hardest

When it's hard to Pray; Pray the Hardest
Monday. Monday wasn't the best day for me. The day went slow, and loooong and I just wasn't feeling it. It wasn't the greatest day. It was a typical Monday, in which I wasn't looking forward to. From the moment I woke up to the time I got home I wanted Monday to be over. I found it really hard to find God, and feel is presences, maybe thats why I had a tough day. Nothing special happened.... until the end of the day...
On one of my many prayer tables I have three rocks. They each have saying on them. one says, "Faith" another says, "believe" and the other " Hope." About a year ago, I had lost my "Faith" Rock and It was no where to be found. I looked for a week, and then accepted the thought I had lost it and wasn't going to find it. I was going to buy a new one, but I never did.
These are what the stones look like
Then, one Monday ( This past Monday) before I went to bed, I was looking for something, and then out of the blue, I had found, " Faith" I had found the stone in which I had lost. It was really strange because I had cleaned that drawer out many times, and I could swear it wasn't there. But That Monday, I found it, and I put it in my jeans pocket.
So, from now on, I don't keep it on my prayer table, I keep it my pocket. Cause when I have low Faith, or I find it hard to find God, I hold the stone in my hand, and remember that God is always with me, and will always be there for me.
So, The purpose of this story, was to say have Faith. When times are tough, and things aren't going to well, all I have to say is Pray. I know times will be hard to find time to Pray, or to bend our knee and Pray to God, but we MUST PRAY! We must talk to God, so that our life can continue on the Road of God!
Always Pray; Pray always. Jesus is with us all, and will never abandon us.
Lord Jesus,
Come and be with us.
We know O Lord that you will never abandon us,
You are always with us.
Lord, our creator,
 we ask that you send
 your spirit
upon us.
That we may be filled with
Obedience to you,
The spirit of Turth.
We ask that you never leave us,
and show your self to us,
when it's hardest to pray.
Call us into the motion of prayer
bend out knee to be able to talk to you,
and confess with our tongue,
 our sins, and to proclaim that you are God!


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