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Sandy Hook Elementary School

I personally do not live in the United States of America, I live up here in the cold north of Canada. I have lived in Canada all my life and visited Florida. But regardless where I live, or where you live, I'm sure that today, we all have heard about the shooting in Newton, New York at Sandy Hook Elementary School 

Sadness has filled homes and lives, over the death of 27 people. 18 children, 6 adults and the gunman. Today, we gather in the sympathy and sorrow for the families affected by this tragedy. With this sadness that spreads the shocking news from one person to another, we join in one prayer; The protection, safety and healing of the families, and children who are effected in this shooting.

As we take time today, to pray for those families, friends, kids, and strangers, let us also pray to God for all those who plan on doing horrible things. Let us pray for those who have the temptation ( lack for better word) to do evil, who think it's acceptable to shoot innocent little children. No case, no problem, no arguments, nothing of that should end in a result of a shooting. It should never end in such a dramatic and dramatizing experience.

No matter where we come from; Canada, USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, No matter where, let us come together now, and pray together for all those affected by this shooting. And now; Let Us Pray: 

My Lord,and My God,
and many more.

We ask for your unfailing and comforting
We ask that you send an out pour of your holy spirit, 
To infuse into our hearts forgiveness.
To forgive all those who do wrong.

We ask that you be with those affected by the shooting in
Newton, New York, at Sandy Hook Elementary School 
We ask that you bring into your holy presence the many
innocent and protection less children, 
who had never wished for anything like this to happen.

WE now pray for all those who have a temptation to do evil.
We ask that you be with them, and help them.
That they may receive Knowledge and Wisdom to do Good;
Your will.

We thank you for always hearing our prayers and for always 
being with us.
We thank you for blessing us daily,
and never giving up on us, when we, majority of the time,
give up on you.



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