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     We all have heard of the word Pride. And as most of us like to think that we don't have Pride; We all do, at one time or another. We always have had Pride and always will, we can limit to how much we have or show our Pride. But at the end of the day, we all have some Pride.

Firstly, Pride can mean many things. We can all carry Pride, of a sports team, or High School, Collage ect. But that's not the Pride i'm talking about. I'm talking about Self-pride. If that makes sense. Pride means, to have delight in an inordinate self-esteem; TO take delight in an act, possession. Having Pride, in being the best.

Next,  we need to answer the simple question, " Why is Pride bad?"  

Pride, refers ti the emotion of self respect. It focuses on Me, Me, Me, Me, and ME. It's all about self-will, Self-sufficiency ect. And well has Christians/ Catholics we are wanting what others want, taking in others opinion; wanting others opinion. Wanting others involved. We want Others. It's more about You, You You, and YOU ( Others) 

Pride is our wall, our blocking from prayer and seeking/finding God. Pride will block us from finding God in our lives. From seeing the GREAT things he does in our life. Pride will block God from coming to us.

 As Independent as we are, wanting control, wanting to be the important person. Wanting all that recognition  in our life for all the great things we want to be known for is stopping us from bending our knee and praying to God. And to do that, we need to let go, we need others, we must not strive to be the most important, nor being the one in control. We need something called, Humility. 

Humility is the medicine for our lives, For our hearts, For our connection with God. Humility.... How many people actually could right now, without a thought, give me a full definition give me an explanation of what it means to be Humble? Humility simply means, being appreciative of things you get, ( respect, Love, guidance, an item ect.) and knowing that you are all equal and thatyour not better than anyone else.

We must have humility, and say that we belong to God. That we are Gods children. We must stand up, and not be embarrassed to say that we are a beloved child of God. We must have humility! We have to let have God control. We must have humility in God, We have be faithful, and Grateful for Gods love for us.

When we seek God, we have Humility. We need God to come and help us to overcome our pride, and not succumb to the evilness of pride, envy and temptation. May we all have humility, and look forward to the grace of God, and live a humble life, doing the work of God.

Help us, Lord,
 to come with humble hearts
 and minds
 to seek your grace
 and your holy spirit 
to help us 
 our lives.


  1. "How many people actually could right now, without a thought, give me a full definition give me an explanation of what it means to be Humble?

    Hi Mike; This could be an IT ALL DEPENDS question. For me it is living in the Truth of self: all that the Trinity created me to be and the Love they have for me. A willingness to die for God and others in this world. Blessed Advent Mike. b.<><


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