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Merry Christmas!

I have to say how much I HATE how society just shuts down all Christmas things the day after Christmas and yes sadly even the day of Christmas. WE are to focused in getting prepared for Christmas and then we don't celebrate Christmas.

Christmas isn't just a 'one day event' it's a two week celebration. It's a time in which we must learn to continue to carry the love of Jesus Christ in our hearts. It's a time of where we feel that joy and greatness in our hearts every single day.

God loved us SO MUCH! That he sent his only son, to be conceived by the power of the holy spirit into the Virgin Mary.  And to this day Jesus loves us SO MUCH! He is born into our hearts and will stay there... If we pay attention to him and talk to him.

Think of a time when it's super cold out. Lets say a typical Winnipeg Winter Day. Maybe around -28. What would be the first thing you grab? I know I would grab my favorite  warm green sweater.  I would put it on, to well keep me nice and warm.

Gods love is just like that sweater. It will be there for us, when times are hard (cold) and when we just need somebody to love ( I did not purposely use a Justin Beiber Song title) or we need someone to love us. Throughout this Christmas season and all seasons we can feel Gods love burning within our hearts always there ready to help us when we need. 

God is the GREAT parent. He is always there, and has given us the Greatest gift of Life. He has given us our talents and our very own vocations.  Our very own jobs to do within this world to help complete his plan. 

So just like that warm Green sweater, or that perfect green advent wreath, Gods Love will always be with us to keep us warm forever. Gods love will always stay up. ( unlike those Christmas d├ęcors  and the stores the day of Christmas) 

Merry Christmas! 


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