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Forth Sunday In Advent

Today is the only day of the Fourth Sunday of Advent. I find it very odd how it turned out this year. With Christmas eve tomorrow and then Christmas Day on Tuesday. I think I prefer it this way instead of having to wait another full week waiting for Jesus to be born into our hearts. 

This weekend we heard from Luke. We heard the story of when Mary went and visited her cousin Elizabeth. I think we often loose the image that Elizabeth is most likely in her 90s and Mary is her teens. As we can see; A Huge difference in age, but nevertheless, they are still cousins. 

In this reading we are told that the child within Elizabeth leaped with joy when she heard Mary's welcoming. The child within her already knows that the person visiting has the future king of the world inside her. So, he leaps for joy when the sound of Mary comes. 

We all leap for joy when we hear the sound of someone. If it's a family member, a friend, a co-worker, someone from our church. We all get that burst of energy inside us, when we hear their voice. 

Now, I'm going to start complaining. I usually don't, but at Christmas time I do. (worst time to as well) But now I MUST complain about my holiday pet peeve. Now, I do realize everyone has a freedom of: speech, religion/ faith, and control. But I am against the phrase, " Happy Holidays!" 

This time of year, for us Catholics is a time, of happiness and cheer and the boy Jesus being born. But for others it's a time for Santa coming into your house. I find this whole thing to be SOOOOO Ironic it's not even funny. 

If we look back into history, we have our own little stable and figurines with Jesus and then wise men and animals put together. We have that because it shows our belief. 

Then if we look, most families will have a Christmas tree up. Now with today's use of a Christmas tree it goes back to the 16th century in Germany. Before then Christmas trees were decorated out side the homes and out where many people could see. But in Germany in the 16th century  some devoted Christians brought a tree inside their homes. And has time went on, and people thought that it was an odd thing started adapting to it like here in North America.  And after many thing happing throughout history, like people getting fined for putting one up and making it against the law to observe December 25th has a holiday it quickly turned into a Christmas tradition.
See what it's become!!!

Then we have many people who will hate on the word 'Christmas' but will believe in Santa. Santa's history goes back to Saint Nick. ( hence the word Saint)  This drives me nuts. How people wil refuse the word Christmas but will accept Santa. 

Any ways, If you haven't gotten the irony in all this. it's that every Christmas Tradition that we have today goes back to Christians. And yet people REFUSE To say Merry Christmas. It's unbelievable. 
I for one will always continue to say " Merry Christmas" I don't care what their response will be, and I don't care if they take offence to it, because I don't take offence to their happy Holidays. But this is the last time for this year I talk about the craziness of OUR Society when it comes to Christmas.

So, let us be filled with joy when we come together has a family on Christmas Day. To spend time 
with each other and  share in some good old family cheer.


P.S Click HERE for the link of the website I went to for the History of the Christmas Tree! 


  1. Blessings and love for a Merry Christmas filled with His love and grace Mike! :)


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