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A Simple Prayer

We all have our own prayers, and all prayers are equal. Sturctured Prayers ( Example, Our Father) and your own "informal" prayer. ( Example, That one you say at night) All prayers are equal because they are our way of talking to God, and there is no right way nor wronge way to talk to God... Fpr afterall he is our best Friend.
This coming weekend I will be teaching my little Grade Twoers about Prayer. I'm not 100% sure what I will be teaching, but I know it's about prayer. And I'm going to make sure I stress the point that there is no wrong way to pray, and that God is your best firend, father, and Lord, that you can say anything to.
So, today, I thought I would write a nice, easy, simple prayer, that can be said whenever and however, as long as it's to God.

Lord God, You are my Creator, Firend, Father, and Brother.
I Thank You for everything, and aways being there for me when others are not.
Please send your spirit to help my family, and I this day,
That we can serve you, and in everything we do, Find you.
Please help me in my struggles, and always be there;
in easy, and rough times, O God, I Praise you
Forever and ever


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