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This past Saturday, I taught about Love. According to the booklet of course. It's important for kids, (in my opinion) to know what is love and how do we love others. Especially, in the society we have today filled with hate and evil, I LOVED this lesson.

So, the question on the cover said, " How Do I Love?" and as a teacher it had me thinking just as much as it had the kids thinking. How do I Love? How? I went into thought. I asked the kids name by name: Nothing. So then I went and explained how Love= caring. So I rephrased the question, " How Do I show I care for someone?" Then they came up with: Helping others, sharing their toys, giving hugs, and the simplest things to do is say, " I Love You" 

Then we continued, we turned the page, and opened it to, a page with a story called, " The Rabbit Food Fight" It was about a boy who had a wrap for lunch, and the other kids were making fun of it, and said he had rabbit food. That one kid had something different than the rest of them. And so all of the others kids except one made fun of him. And that one kid said, " Guys, you shouldn't be doing that, he is feeling left out, and upset, like I did when I had cancer" So, onto our list of how do I Love, is Standing up for someone. 

Then we started talking about "How do I love?" and, "Whom do I love?"  So, of course, we got the typical grade two young answers, Mom, Dad, little brother/sister, older brother, uncle ect. Then we continued to say how, we don't love our friends the same as we love our family. That is also when I stressed how Love= Caring.

I forget how, but by the end of the class we started to talk about the people on the East Coast. ( My prayers are with you) And we started telling them how a big bad sotrm is going through their. So then I said, " The Biggest way you can love somebody, is Pray for them- Ask God to be with them,  and help them in times of trial and difficulties.

This Prayer comes directly from them, their words, their theme, their work:

Dear God, 
We pray for those people effected by the storm.
We pray that they may food and not go hungry.
We pray for their safety, that they will be well.
We pray that we can share what we have with them. 


Now, I have a challenge FOR YOU! It will be on our Facebook page HERE! Please head over there and answer the challenge. 

I would like to make it into a blog post, only if enough people like the page. 


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