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Five Minute Friday- Quiet

Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but today i'm linking up and doing the Five Minute Friday post. I find it a little harder, because I could go on and on. but today, I will be quiet. I will be short and simple, to the point. I won't go on and on, and maybe today I will actually be in my five minute time limit.


So, i'm sitting hear asking myself ,"What should I write about?" And so I started to think about stories that involve quietness; couldn't think of any. I tried thinking of what I normally blog about, I didn't want to. I started thinking, and then my quiet thoughts, slowly faded away, with the noise around me.

I had music playing, my brother playing games, someone was listening to the radio, someone else was talking,  My dogs were barking, and there I was simply thinking about quietness. Isn't that ironic? And so, I sat in the noisiness of my house, trying to be silent inside, and not outward.


Isn't it hard to be quiet on the inside? Sometimes it's almost has hard has telling a screaming kid to quiet down; Impossible. It is most certainly needed for us to be quiet, on the inside. We need to just let go and let God in.  We need to have the quietness on the inside, to let God in, and hear his Holy and calming Voice. We have to hear him, to know him, to love him, to worship him. We need him. 

We need to let the spirit it.

In the silence.

In the calmness of our heart.

In the loudness of others.

So lets, just Stop, Pray, let the spirit take control, and be silent.



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