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The Bible

     Today, I am Thankful for.... The Bible.

I Love the Bible. I love reading it, I love being inspired by God to do his mission. I Love God, and I love reading what he wants me to know. I always find something new and exciting passages to read and to ponder upon onto make a blog Post.

I love finding my faith in the bible, and to truly understand what Jesus wants from us. It's always a unique way to see in the eyes of Jesus, and reading about his miracles and love for everyone that was put together for us, do that we might believe.

As, always I taught today -which you already know I LOVE- I usually am there helping, but today me and the other teacher decided that I would teach today. As you most likely have guessed I taught about The bible.

Thursday night, I started to plan my class. Well for my first "teaching" of Grade two, there was a lot of assuming what they know and what they don't and predictions of timing. I had a plan to teach the bible. How many books, the two main separations, the authors and why is it important.  I had made a small plan, but then realized that wouldn't be enough.... I left it till Friday and came back to it, and then I ended up having to much material. So I split it into two classes. I don't know how though, that I started off with the bible and then the second half being about Moses and the Ten Commandments.

I thought they knew what the holy spirit was, but I shouldn't assume anything, and that is what I must learn. I must also remember that it is just the beginning of a new year, so I must be the one to teach them everything, so I can go more into it near the end of the year.

The final thing we did in class, was a drawing craft. I turned off one set of lights, told them to close there eyes, listen to the bible reading, then draw what they imagined... I thought of this because well kids have a great imagination.The story was a simple one to start off with, it was simply the five loaves of bread and two fish.  One of them drew it in heaven, another drew it on a road, and yet another drew it on a flat ground. And only one of them drew the five loaves of bead and the two fish.


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