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Thanks Giving :D

      Today is Thanksgiving. This is a day of  which we give all thanks to God for everything we have. On this special day we are called to the table of THANKSGIVING (AKA The Eucharist) We are called to take part in the Eucharist, or at least give thanks to God for him.

      We have A LOT to be thankful for! We have a lot more to be thankful for than we might think. EVERYTHING! Friends, family, A computer, blogger, God, books, pictures, cameras and much much more. I hope that during this weekend, you and your family can sit, and be thankful for each other as you eat your turkey feast ( or and other traditional meals) May God Bless You all and be with you on this GREAT day of thanks giving.

    It has really only been the past 2 thanksgivings that I have really realized what I have to be thankful for (My classroom, pen, pencil, computer) And So, I am ready to do a Challenge called, "Year Of Thanksgiving" So For (about) everyday of the year i will do a post about things I am thankful for. It will be about anything or anyone. I will include my devotionals based on what I am thankful for. Some Days it might be PRAYER about what i am thankful for and others it will be a blog post.

SO, The first thing I am thankful for is My Family. Here is the Prayer:

Almighty and ever living God, I thank you for everything you do for  me. 
I thank you for always helping me.
I thank you for my Family. 

I Thank you for the Love they give me;
When times are tough;
when times are easy.

I Thank you for their kindness;
That keeps me happy;
That keeps my going;
that helps me, and reminds me to be kind to.

I Thank you for their Patience;
It helps to be patient as well;
it makes things go well;
it gives me time to sort out things I need to do.

I Thank you for their Faith;
It reminds me to have faith when I loose it;
They remind me to pray;
They remind me to thank you for everything;
 they remind me to always think of you.

I Thank you for their understanding;
When I don't know, the explain;
When I am confused, they help me;
When I don't know what to do next they help me.

O gracious and  loving God, I thank you for my family,
and I ask that you send a blessing over them,
A blessing of protection, love, understanding and Joy.
A blessing of happiness, Love, and Faith.
A blessing of gratitude, wisdom, courage and Right Judgement.
A blessing of reverence,piety, Gentleness  Peace, and thankfulness.  

Thank You God For my Loving Family. 



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