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Today I am Thankful For: School 

I woke up this morning, with sadness that I have to go to school. I surely enjoyed my 3 day weekend. (Thanks goes to Thanksgiving) I surely still am full from, my turkey feast yesterday, and a nice dinner at my Grandmas on Saturday. I do, miss the company and time that we got, to sit down, and enjoy a day, to be thankful for so much!

This isn't how it looked this morning
I slept, in this morning, because I really don't want to go. But I had to, and I looked out the window, to find that it had snowed all night. FUN! I love the snow, but that just added another negative thing to my day. I don't like the cold; I like the snow, but not the cold.

But then I started to think, "What right now can I be thankful for?"

 I stopped and reflected

I thought

And I turned the negative into positive, I said


As much as i am not a fan, I HAVE to be THANKFUL for it.I get a chance to go to school, a place to learn, and to develop many new skills. Whereas many kids don't get to, or they are not in a very good school.

So, Today I am Thankful for being given the chance to go to school, a Good school, with GREAT teachers and GREAT classmates. I am given the chance to learn with awesome people, and a chance to deevelope what i need to do good in life.

I know many kids aren't able to go, and so this I am thankful. I know many kids can't afford it and I know I am lucky enough to be able to go. Some countries don't even have a school, and it must hurt them when I say, " I hate school" my eyes were opened, and I am now truly thankful for school... No matter how much homework I get...



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