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Today, as we all know, is the day of Hallows eve or more commonly named; Halloween. The day in which children go door to door, asking for free candy. The dress up, for the fun of dressing up, they enjoy the company of others, and they defiantly can't wait till they dig in to the deliciousness of there sweet candy.

The costumes came from the people who would go door to door, offering prayers for their loved ones that have passed and then in return they would simply get some candy, and while they did this they dressed up. It then became something that happened every year. It soon became a yearly tradition. kids would want to dress up and ask for candy. As time passed, it became this festival and party it is today. It is now a "Holiday" where we lef tthe prayer and just go for candy. I guess because in the medevil traditions you were forced to be Christian. But as democracy developed you could be whatever religion you wanted.

Now, I for sure, will go out this year. But not in search for candy, but for search of canned food.

We Scare Hunger. Formerly known as Halloween For Hunger. Takes place on October 31st, 2012, and is made possible in Canada by Campbell's. Hunger is a daily reality for millions of people, even in your own backyard. This Halloween do something about it. Be a hero and help hunger disappear.

 All the food banks here in Winnipeg are running out of food. Even our biggest food band; Winnipeg Harvest. So, I will be doing, "We Scare Hunger' Hosted  by Free The Children. One of there campaigns within all of Cananda is on Halloween. This is where you go to house to house collecting canned or non-perishable food, for food banks.

I really support this. And So today, I am thankful for food. I am happy, and thankful I am able to have a Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, with snacks in between. I Thank God for all the food I enjoy and eat to keep me well, and alive.

Thank you God,
Thank You for this Halloween day.
I ask that you help me this day, and always help me everyday.
I ask you keep all the children safe,
as they go house to house searching for candy.
Lord, I pray for those children, on the East coast of the USA,
That they are safe and will be proteced by you always.
May you bless them, and help them in this time of storms and earthqukes.
May You send an out pour of your spirit, that all may find hope in you   truly know who you are, and that they will have FAITH in you!


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