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A Piece of Advice

Good advice is always useful. It helps us with anything. Cleaning, cooking, sewing, washing, designing, dancing, home decorating, teaching,ect... But it's often advice that becomes habit, and that will change out life, and how we do things, based on someone else's thinking.

I was given a really good piece of advice today. It hasn't left my mind since I got it, and I don't expect it to for a very long time. This advice is already helping me and will continue to help me. The advice was this: Take your weak points and make them your strong points.

A man, who also teaches, gave me this advice. He came into my class after and asked me how it went, and I simply answered, " It was okay, we spent to long on the craft I planned." And he replied, " What is your strongest point in Roman Catholicism?" And I stopped and pondered upon the question. Then he made it into a multiple choice, " Your belief in God, Craft, preaching, Serving,"  and he said some others and I - taking a guess- said "My belief in God" and He said that absolutely right.

He talked for a bit, and then he had to go. But one thing that he did mention was to use my weakness and make them a strength for God, a strength in which I can use for God.

So I made a pledge to stop using my weakness as an excuse, and make it a strength, in which I can help others. I invite you to come one this life long journey as well. I suggest you take this advice, and use it. We all have a weakness, and we need to tackle that weakness head on, and make it our strength


  1. Right on Mike, I am with you on this. In fact, I think the reason we have confession is so we can see with Jesus just what it is that our weak spot is? And then, he lovingly accepts it because of His love for us. So if we offer to God our weaknesses, He injects His Grace; then He can use it for his purposes. Like St. Paul said, It is when I am weak, then I am strong. This is what he meant, I think. b.<><


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