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Uniting Our Selves with God

As Catholics and Christians, we are called to do many things. But The main thing we are called to do is  to grow a deeper connection with God, by uniting our selves with God. How are we do to this you may ask?  We are To do two things 1. Pray and 2. Sacraments ( Sacraments will be another post) So of course I am here to write about Prayer.


What is Prayer? 

Prayer is our way of talking with God. It is our way, to talk to God, and let him know of our happiness and pains. When we pray we life up our heats and our minds to God, in a peaceful manner.Prayer is between us and God. Our Brother, Best Friend, Father, Savior, Teacher and much, much, more. So talking with our best friend brother (etc) is essential to our spiritual lives. We always need to be in contact with God so he knows what we are doing on earth to fulfil his will.

       There are 2 different forms or prayer: Metal and Vocal. A mental prayer is well a mental prayer of which is said interiorly. Metal prayer, is the prayer where we can unit our hearts with God personally, and we can most likely to hear God respond when we pray Mentally. Mental prayers usually begin with a meditation, on God, and Jesus on his Holy word. The Best tiem for a mental prayer is after communion and say our own mental prayer.

"This People draw near with their mouth and honor me with their lips, while their hearts are far from me "
Isaiah 29: 13 

A vocal Prayer  is well vocal. Spoken words alone or with others. Words them self are not the prayer. We must unit our mind and heart together and concentrate on what we are saying. Vocal prayers are usually the hardest to concentrate on because our mind may wonder, that is why we are called to unit our mind and hearts with what we are saying.

A Vocal Prayer is separated into 2 sections: A Formal and Informal Structured and Your own. A formal structured prayer is a prayer that is built and put together by someone else. For example, The Our Father, Hail Mary, A prayer to St. Michael.  ;)  They show us the way to pray   THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO PRAY!!!  But don't get me wrong, If your just asking God for a new fancy car or the best house or to be rich, and your only do it because you really want this stuff and you don't have faith, then I mean then it's wrong.But If we have faith and believe in God then there really isn't any correct way to pray. We can pray how ever we want, It's our talk between us and God. 
  Your own prayer, is made by you meant for you. you can talk to God, any way you want. It's your own personal prayer for what going on at any time in the world. You can talk to God at any time and share your joys, and peace, and pain and sorrows with God.

So, now we know how the different ways of prayer and types, then we get into the types of prayers. there are 4 ( that I can name at this moment) The first one is... Prayers of adoration. Prayers of adoration are prayers that usually worship God, and acknowledge the greatness, and holiness of Our God. They usually show our dependence to God. And will sometimes have a song of praise or the sanctus sang before you pray.

The Second type of prayer is Thanksgiving. These are to give thanks to God for everything he has given us and blessed us with. He has been so kind to us, that he gave us a family, friends, a house, belongings and countless other things. In mass we are reminded to give thanks. When the priest says, " Let us give thanks to the Lord our God" and We respond, " It is right and Just" It is right and just for us to give thanks to God :)

The Third type is.... Contrition. In a contrition prayer, we acknowledge our sins and pray to God for forgiveness  We need to ask forgiveness to start a new, to get rid of our sins. We were born with sin; they were washed away by baptism. But We are still capable of sinning again. ( I will talk more about this more when I talk about the Sacraments)

The Fourth Type is Petition. Petition is the most famous type of prayer. Most people only remember to pray when they need something. Petition is when we ask God for something, and when we ask Gods blessing upon others and ourselves. In Mass an example would be the Prayers of the faithful. ( Our prayers) We need to ask God to be our guide and not just our  9-1-1 help. We need God, to help us and to lead us. We also need to ask God what his is will for us.

Petition is the most, common prayer that we all pray. We all ask God for something everyday! We all need him and so we use this prayer to ask God for everything we need. And It's one I also do the most.

So, Here's a little visual for you:

|         |
                                                               Mental            Vocal
                                                                                       |        |            
                                                                       Structured         Your Own

1 Adoration  _______        Prayer   ____ 2.Thanksgiving
                                                                                |        |
                                                             3 Contrition        4. Petition    

Thanks, Hope this helped, and Enjoy... Remember to PRAY!

A= I don't like the terms of Formal and informal because Formal makes it sound like it's the right way to pray and it's the "only" way to pray. And informal makes it sound like it's not proper; shouldn't be done.  SO I switched it up a bit.


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