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We live in an age of where technology replaces everything. An age that makes us a whole lot lazier. An age in which we have everything do everything for us. How many people have the new Samsung s III phone? or an Ipad, Ipod, I could continue but the list would be to long.

I have always disliked texting. Yes it is convenient when you forgot something and you need to tell someone else. Yes it is convenient when your in and emergency. And Of course it is when you need to talk with someone.

No, That should not be our way of communication. Nor should social networking sites. What happened to calling someone on the phone and having a good conversation. Or writing a letter to someone back and forth. Before we, would expect something in the mail, because it's what happened. But now we are just HAPPY when we get a hand written letter by someone. Cause the times have changed.

Getting back into High school recently wan't that easy. Especially why you had to write a paragraph on the first day of school, and you realize your paragraph is all short forms of words. "ttyl" 'LOL' "BRB"

But there is one thing I Love about prayer. IT CAN NEVER GET REPLACED BY TECHNOLOGY. No matter what. They can not take away our prayer to God. Yes they might have an app for that... They have one for everything now. But they can never take away our personal prayer. God doesn't have a phone. He doesn't need one, he can do all of it and more without it.

Yes, our world may have robots, yes our world may be doomed with the overwhelming of competition of who has the better phone or Ipad/tablet. And Yes the world may replace everything with technology. But there are 3 things it can't.

  1. Gods Word
  3. God
Technology can do a lot, but God can do a lot more.


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