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September 11 2001 Prayer

Lord Our Most Gracious God, You have blessed us with the gift of family, and friends. And I thank you for this Great gift to share in your Gracious love. I thank you Father for being with me always and for spending time with me.

Lord My God, today is the 11th anniversary of September 11, 2001. A Day in Which changed the world. Father, I ask that you open the spirit to all those who were hurt and who had lost a a family member , a Friend,  and a pet. 

Lord, please be with these people as the remember the lost of Brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunt, Grandma and Grandpa. I ask that you comfort them and be with them always. 

My Lord, May you be with everyone who was affected by this tragedy on September 11, 2001. I Ask that  you send a blessing on there soul, that they may be with you forever in heaven.

My Friend, My Father, I ask that you bless the cities that were affected with Love, and peace for the strength to continue to Love You and to stay loyal to your word.

May this time of grieving not last, but may we all remeber that person who had died; and to remember the good things of the person. 

May we seek no revenge but forgiveness;
May we not seek being alone but comfort:
May we not turn to the devil; But stay with you forever
May we be remember those who have gone and keep them in our hearts forever.

Lord I know pray for ____________ My ________ (brother, sister, mother,father ect) 
I ask that you keep them in your glory, that they may be with you always. May you bless them and help them in there life ion Heaven. May you bless everyone affected and send a blessing over all families 


  1. Nice job, Mike. A truly heartfelt prayer. I was 20 when 9/11 happened. I was in college and we had a test at 4:30 that day. I remember sitting in the UC (where the food was) and watching television while we were trying to study for a test. We still had that test because the teacher said that it was bad, but the world had to move on. Sigh. It was so sad and I still get teary watching it. not just for the people in the twin towers, but for the ones at the pentagon and the ones in PA that crashed their plane before it could kill anyone. And also for all of our loss of innocence. Honestly, we all changed that day. Our security was shattered.

    1. All our connection and friendships with other countries and the way we certainly looked upon each other was changed that day. And it's because of this one horrifying action that took place. It formed the USA and CANADA into a certain way, that now affects the whole world....


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