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Meeting new people

Today, I started high school. Three classes for my grade nine. And Lots of new faces. Some people I recognized from last year, but mostly new kids. And We all met in the gym, and we talked, and then seperated into our homerooms. And then go to each class  according to our own schedules and meet up with different people every class.

It really is interesting learning about each friend, and each back round and to learn the way they do stuff. I haven't learned to much, but just taking time and watching people work, it was amusing I must say.

But Just like entering a new school, and meeting new people, It's like us on earth. We came from God, knowing God, and many people. And God Sent us to earth, with a specific group of people, trying to find God again.

He sent us to test our faith and belief in him. He sent us, to see how we can be with a certain group of people. Some people we know and others we don't. We meet up according to Gods Schedule or will if you want a little easier terms

With God we can do anything. And we need to talk to him when we are lost. Just like starting a new school and you get lost. You need to ask a teacher where to go, so we need to ask God through prayer so we don't get lost!


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