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It's Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Fall time! And when it is fall it means well all the leaves fall, and everything falls. Except for the church. The church actually rises, to an exciting time very soon. The leaves are changing color and the trees are becoming bare, and the walk in the park becomes something more than a walk in the park.

SO, for the first day of Fall I will write a prayer for the first day!

Lord, My God, creator of all the seasons, life and nature. 
We are blessed today to have the first day of fall. 
We thank you O, Lord for this season where:
Leaves are falling, trees are becoming bare, 
that we get to celebrate this time with thank giving.

Lord, We thank you for this time of Fall.
The time of preparation for winter 
and a time to find you in the beauty of nature.

Lord we ask that you come and bless us.
Help us prepare for these cooler temperatures 
and help us to find you in all of nature 
and all things we do this Fall.

May we all be opened to you and your spirit
So that we may seek you more and more every day.



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