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Caught up in Pictures???

        I was at mass this past weekend. And We had the pleasure of having a baptism. I'm always a happy person, when there's a baptism or something special going on. ( don't get me wrong I'm always happy serving) It's a greater pleasure to be serving for someones baptism funeral etc...

      I'm sure EVERYONE as taken at least ONE picture; good or bad. We have all taken at leat one with our own camera, our parents, or our Ipod or Ipad etc... We all have taken one picture.

Why do we take pictures?

  • Take picture for the future to recall this moment
  •  Because we enjoy taking them
  • Because there is a beautiful scenery
  • To remember a birthday/Celebration
  • To remember others.

It's always good to take pictures. It's always nice to have something to look back at and say, " I remember that!" And it's nice to say, " Look at my face... It's so weird!" It's always a fundamental thing to do isn't it? When we see something we like, we snap a photo of it; We see someone snap a photo, ect, but in this day of age it becomes easier to take picture whenever and how ever because cameras belong to so many other items it's not just it's own item.

     I was at mass, and there was a baptism, everything was fine. When we got to the baptismal font and the family had come around and kids were watching and the family were super happy. All of a sudden there was flash after flash after flash after flash of photos. I swear there was one every second.

These people were so focused on getting the "perfect picture" they weren't living in the moment.

Taking a picture every second and living in the moment is impossible. You are to focused on the photos more than the baptism it's self. They weren't hired, thats  for sure. It was defiantly family, moving all around the cross shaped font trying to get that right photo.

As a server, at the time i was just standing there and thinking about how they could be enjoying this moment  they would snap a shot then look then snap another. It's all about taking it in and living in it.

Resort sign  in Florida
          I will be the first to admit, that on my trip to Florida this past summer I was to focused on getting that perfect shot on everything i was taking a picture of, I forgot to take it in, I forgot to enjoy the moment. I forgot to take that breath and say, " I'm in Florida"

Sometimes we just need to put that camera down, and enjoy the moment. Yes get a few photos, but not a thousand that will distract you from living then and now. Because whats the point of taking the picture if you hadn't " lived" the moment? You won't remember it.

There are many things that distract us from living in the moment. Let us ask God through the power of prayer to bless us and to help us daily to live in the moment. ( living in the moment Prayer coming SOON!)


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