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Back to School

Prayer For Parents:

Lord my heavenly creator, I thank you for the gift of children and I thank
you for the chance for them to go to school.
I thank you, my blessed Father, for helping me raise them, 
and to prepare the, for school.

Lord my God, King of all kings, I ask that you may help my child(ren) in school
that they may focus and learn to accomplish your will and plan for them.
I ask that you please send your Holy spirit
over them that they may be safe and encouraged to learn, and to make new friends.

Lord, please prepare me, also to send my kids to school, and to see them grow up
in your love and your spirit.

I Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for hearing me. Please grant my prayer 
to bring the glories of my children to your name.
May they always be happy and live in you.


Prayer For Children:

Lord Jesus, I thank you for everything you have done for me.
I thank you for giving me the chance to go to school and the chance to learn and do well in life.
I Thank you lord Jesus for everything you have done for me. Thank You!

I ask that you will be with, and with all the people I meet today. I also ask that
you come and help me to fulfill your great plan.
I ask that you send your blessing over me to do well on my homework, projects, and  tests this year. 
May I do well on them and may you bless me to do well.

I also ask, Lord, that you help me through the tough times of my day, and the easy. Please be there Lord! 

Thank You Lord Jesus! Please hear this my prayer

(moment of silence)



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