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       If you are a member at Life Of Us and Saints, or at least you've read it, then you will know 2 things 1. I want to become a priest and 2 You will know how important I think prayer is. I often have a will continue to write posts about prayer, but most to all will be written here and prayers. Every Day I will put a new prayer, you may know the prayer you may not. But I will be posting a prayer here everyday!

          God, Answers our prays at the best time. Well his best time for us. Like this one time when I was trying to come up with a blog post for LOUAS. It was 10:00pm and I wanted to write something. So I prayed and Prayed : nothing. So I went to bed.... Then I woke up... Prayed some more and then I came to my computer and opened the bible... and Prayed for something anything. And then I opened to a page in Hebrews 7... Hebrews 7: 21 My eyes first saw and it said, " The Lord as sworn and will not change his mind: You are a priest forever."     And that hit me hard. It stuck out. So I decided to write about that.

        God, answers prayers when he wants to. Not when we want them answered: yes it may be in our time frame. But it usually won't be right away. (Except for when Jesus Prayed him and the father were one) God, will answer them at his time for our good. And the good of everyone around you. 

        If you pray hard enough and believe then your half way there to be answered. To be heard by God. He makes these things happen so that we may believe. And we will rise to him if we believe. We are often told to do 3 things in lent : Pray, Fast, and give Alms. You  really hear to do those during lent. But No, we are suppose to do all of those all year long. We are suppose to grow a deeper connection with God by praying. We are suppose to Fast at the right times to also grow a connection with God. (Fast and pray :D even deeper connection)  And give alms. We give alms to those who are less fortunate. (usually) But then usually need it all the other times of the year to.


Pray To God Today



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